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April, 2009

April 15, 2009  12:29 PM

Dominos counts the cost of staff pranks on YouTube

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
dominos, Security, YouTube

Dominos pizza has been at the centre of a social media storm since the staff at a Dominos drive thru in the US posted videos of themselves on YouTube that showed them doing disgusting things to the pizzas they were making.

April 9, 2009  12:53 PM

ID Cards: A solution looking for a problem

Bill Goodwin Profile: Bill Goodwin
Conservatives, ID cards, Passports

The business case for the government's multi-billion pound ID card programme has never been clear.

Ministers have variously touted the cards as a solution to terrorism, benefit fraud and illegal immigration.

Set against these moving goalposts, it is hard to judge whether the...

April 7, 2009  4:48 PM

Collaboration tools are a hot topic in IT right now, but does anyone know what to do with them?

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Collaboration, twitter

I have been to two meetings that have discussed IT collaboration recently. The latter one was a roundtable event in association with BT, and the other was a BT hosted event.

Obviously, this shows that one supplier sees the potential of IT collaboration as huge,...

April 3, 2009  7:40 AM

Google in late stage talks to buy Twitter

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
Google, Microsoft, Techcrunch, twitter

TechCrunch is reporting that Google is in the late stages of negotiations to buy Twitter for well north of its $250m valuation.

Wow, it seems anything that's successful on the web is a...

April 2, 2009  5:06 PM

Insider fraud spikes as cyber espionage spreads

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff
Fraud, G20, Insider threat

There can be no doubt that the recession is intensifying threats to the information security of corporate organisations. The insider threat is increasing, and so, too is the threat from cyber spies.

Nearly 60% of employees who lost or left their jobs last year departed with digital...

April 2, 2009  12:42 PM

Tim O’Reilly retires Web 2.0 for Web Squared

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff

The king of buzzword coinage in the tech world Tim O'Reilly has offered up alternative to tired looking Web 2.0.

Yes, there's a new kid on the block, or there is, according to O'Reilly. His keynote at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco looked back at the last five years of the web and...

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