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April, 2009

April 30, 2009  5:17 PM

I’m a PC viral sticker thing competition

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Microsoft, PC

Right I have a confession to make.

My old uni friend Steve Clayton, who works for Microsoft and writes the "Geek In Disguise blog" gave me some

April 28, 2009  12:58 PM

Inside the exhibition at Infosec 2009

falani Profile: falani

So what is Infosec? This is my first time here and I was expecting a very boring exhibition with a load of old men in suits telling me about how I should be keeping my company's data secure.

It should be but it most certainly isn't.

The only way to describe Infosec is that...

April 28, 2009  10:40 AM

Getting to Infosec 2009

falani Profile: falani

Good morning all,

The sun is shining on a beautiful day in April and I am carrying:

  • A podcast machine,
  • Two cameras,
  • A laptop,
  • A stills camera,
  • Two mobiles,
  • Two tripods (big and heavy),
  • My notebook and anything else...

April 24, 2009  11:29 AM

Where’s the money….. tech start ups might be able to go it alone

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Recession, Techcrunch

There's a financial black hole in the UK's economy that's now soooo big that it'll take us 30 years to pay it off. No longer will I listen to this Government's talk of financial prudence... she left a long while ago.

In fact I heard last night that our decline in GDP, now expected to...

April 22, 2009  10:27 AM

US Army wants more twitter followers than Ashton Kutcher

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Facebook, Social networking, twitter

Great story from the New York daily news blog by Stephanie Gaskell: Twitter is getting militarised. The

April 21, 2009  4:18 PM

Launching a startup in the US from the UK, the example of Hubdub

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hubdub, launch, Start up, US

An interesting case study at today's TechCrunch GeeknRolla event in London was a presentation about launching a start up business in the US, whilst based in the UK.

Lesley Eccles, co founder of

April 20, 2009  11:10 AM

Dominos creates Twitter account after last week’s PR disaster

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dominos, PR, social media, twitter

A huge amount of time and energy is spent thinking about social media and whether it's important for businesses.

Well, it is. Last week's Dominos pizza scandal was a PR disaster of momentous proportions for the comapny. The YouTube video of two employees doing revolting things to a...

April 18, 2009  7:05 AM

Barrack Obama picks Aneesh Chopra as first US CTO

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CTO, obama

Just seen this - Barrack Obama picks Virginia's secretary of technology Aneesh Chopra as the US's first ever chief technology officer.

April 16, 2009  5:49 PM

Does government have the will to win against e-crime?

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e-crime, Soca

The Police Central E-Crime Unit is off to a flying start. To shut down a gang that used Trojans to defraud bank customers, charging two and remanding seven...

April 15, 2009  4:27 PM

Best viral video I’ve seen in ages

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Led, samsung, Sheep

You've got to watch this it's brilliant. I know a little bit about sheep as my dad keeps them and so I know how brilliant these dogs must have been to do this. Incredible.  

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