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August, 2008

August 28, 2008  4:24 PM

IE8 beta 2 – first take

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Cliff Saran has had an initial look at IE8 - (its in beta, but IE8 can be downloaded now, if you want to take a look at it). If curious, take a look at

August 28, 2008  4:00 PM

Shall we play a game? You can go to jail for that!

rfroley Profile: rfroley
Gary McKinnon, Hackers, Hacking, wargames

Never mess with a US military computer. Didn't we all learn that back in 1983 when WarGames

August 27, 2008  5:25 PM

Web 2.0 and other common terms explained

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I won't apologise for flagging up the same blog as this is an excellent post explaining some common new terminology - that often confuses - in our brave new world of...

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August 22, 2008  11:43 AM

Olympics nears end and what an interactive spectacle its been

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Beijing, Olympics

Some people may have had enough, but after 14 days of the Olympics, I'm sad that its coming to an end. It's been a wonderful sporting festival, of course made better by the stunning performance of Great Britain's team, that have moved us all (even if you hate sport) at some point with their...

August 21, 2008  9:40 AM

The top 10 IT blogs according to you

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bloggers, Blogs, IT Blogs


It's great to announce that we have 10 worthy winners in

August 20, 2008  5:18 PM

Dell pimps your laptop

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Dell, laptop

It's a bit like pimp your laptop, but there's no need to do any pimping as Dell's latest designs for the oh so funky Dell Art House -...

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August 19, 2008  10:10 AM

Hospitality sector IT – Web Awards

rfroley Profile: rfroley
awards, catering, hospitality, IT, Website

One of the great things about a career in IT is that it gives you chance to work in a variety of sectors, since IT is so...

August 15, 2008  5:52 PM

Time to put on your Friday face?

rfroley Profile: rfroley
avatars, manga, profile

faceyourmanga.gifRebecca says: I've always wanted to be drawn...

August 15, 2008  1:43 PM

It’s funny where a company’s merchandise ends up

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Storage, Storage Expo, StorageTek, Sun, Sun Microsystems


It always amuses me the way that a...

August 13, 2008  12:52 PM

Irony of not allowing everyone to see all your own content

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This story and image on Digg amused me ... the New York Times writes an excellent article on the issue of holding more than one, in fact, more than several passwords. But one reader couldn't read the story without signing in to see it (and so needing a password, doh!) Holding several passwords is...

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