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February, 2008

February 28, 2008  2:46 PM

Changes to – soon!

rfroley Profile: rfroley

Seems we spoke - just a little - too soon! We had a couple of technical hitches with the site changes we mentioned yesterday, which were causing performance problems for some visitors to...

February 27, 2008  11:36 AM

Today’s changes to

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New video slot on homepage When we

February 26, 2008  5:54 PM

Top five stories on last week

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Last week's most popular stories on - if you missed them a chance to catch them again. 1. Secret Downing Street papers reveal Tony Blair rushed NHS IT 2.

February 22, 2008  9:42 AM

Image of the week – Microsoft releases APIs

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Bill Gates, Microsoft, Open source

Billgates2.jpg Perhaps the open source community will now see the halo atop of Bill Gates's head following the news that Microsoft is going to make available...

February 20, 2008  2:11 PM

Top five stories on

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Here's the top five stories on last week. If we missed any other stories that you wanted us to cover then let me know by email or comment on this blog. Last week's top five were as follows: 1.

February 19, 2008  10:20 AM

Top tips from a top CIO

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Ralphszygenda1.jpgCliff Saran's article and podcast interview with General Motors CIO Ralph Syzgenda is very interesting and also very useful for aspiring...

February 15, 2008  11:40 AM

Image of the week

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Heathrow, images, RFID

Well this week's image of the week has to be the photos taken by Computer Weekly journalist JP Kamath while he was covering Heathrow's RFID trial on passenger's baggage.

February 14, 2008  5:25 PM

Video contest: Show us your smalls!

rfroley Profile: rfroley
competition, contest, photos, pictures, Video, videos

Rebecca Froley, Deputy web editor No, not those

February 12, 2008  12:44 PM

Top five stories on Computer Weekly last week

ComputerWeeklyStaff Profile: ComputerWeeklyStaff, IT news

Last week's top five stories on If you missed them I'll list them here every week - and it gives you an idea of what everyone else in the senior IT Pro community was interested in as well. Also if we missed some stories that you wanted us to cover then let me know by

February 7, 2008  3:40 PM

image of the week – well it has to be, doesn’t it – Microhoo!

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images, microhoo, Microsoft, Yahoo

microhoo.jpg Well it says it all. This image is attributed to Joe...

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