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January, 2008

January 31, 2008  5:39 PM

Weekly IT news round-up is now a podcast

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IT news, podcasts

This week is the first week we have tried this on, but instead of a video news round-up we have done a podcast round up of the week's news highlights...

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January 28, 2008  9:33 PM

Technology photos

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images, IT, photos, Technology

technology.jpg Every week, (at least once a week) I thought I would add a picture to this blog, because despite technology not seeming to be particularly photogenic, there are some very...

January 28, 2008  11:25 AM

IT workers almost as unhappy as HR personnel

rfroley Profile: rfroley

workcliniclogo.gif According to some research highlighted in today's Work Clinic blog over at our sister journal Personnel Today:

January 25, 2008  10:26 AM

The power of the blogger

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bloggers, Blogs,, Lotusphere

guido-1.jpg Yesterday was a big day in politics. Yes Peter Hain finally resigned and yes Guido Fawkes got his man. So, maybe for the first time in British politics, a blogger can claim to...

January 24, 2008  5:47 PM

Ginger : the new Netvibes

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netvibes, personalisation, Social networking

netvibes_black.pngFor those of you that use feed readers and like to personalise the way the internet looks in a glance then the new

January 23, 2008  2:29 PM

Facebook in hot water with UK information commissioner

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Data ownership, Facebook, information commissioner, privacy

facebook.jpgInteresting post I just spotted about privacy and data. According to Shiny Shiny and...

January 21, 2008  4:59 PM

Computer Weekly bloggers go global

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bloggers, Blogs, computerweekly, Lotusphere

lotusphere2008.jpgTwo of Computer Weekly bloggers' will be posting live from two conferences this week. So if you want to know the latest goings on from the...

January 18, 2008  2:22 PM

Let’s go green

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Green IT

lets%20go%20green.JPG I've just been hunting for a great green image, cos let's face it's one of the hottest topics going at the moment in enterprise IT....

January 16, 2008  5:49 PM

The MacBook Air is here

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Apple, laptop, Mac, steve jobs, Video

Steve Jobs has launched the thinnest laptop in the world, but is it important? Judging by the amount of web noise its generated then yes it is. Currently it's the most searched for term in

January 15, 2008  1:00 PM

New blog on

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Blog, Communications, IT, Networks

yourfile.jpg We have just launched our latest blog - the Networks Generation for...

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