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April, 2009

April 28, 2009  8:37 PM

MSDN rolls out code search for CodePlex projects

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Microsoft unveiled this week, with relatively little fanfare, a new feature on MSDN that lets developers search code samples. Users can go to a dedicated MSDN code search page to enter their queries or click on the "Code Search" button at the...

April 21, 2009  4:10 PM

No long-term vision for cloud computing interoperability

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

There's a storm brewing in the cloud, and its name is interop. More than a decade into the browser wars that have left developers struggling with two major browsers that work in different ways, cloud services vendors don't seem to have learned the lesson. A few weeks ago,

April 10, 2009  4:21 PM

Microsoft loves Twitter; Windows developers aren’t as fawning

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

If HTML had an <IMHO> tag, I'd use it right about now: but I can't help thinking as I read various articles about Microsoft bidding to power Twitter search that it's a lot more enamored of Twitter than are many...

April 6, 2009  7:13 PM

Clarifications on Microsoft’s Oslo, M

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

When I complained last month that we haven’t seen enough of Microsoft’s Oslo to know what it is, Microsoft responded. To recap: my gripe with Oslo — and...

April 3, 2009  5:41 PM

Microsoft puts ASP.NET MVC out as open source

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Here's a funny April Fool's joke: Microsoft's MVC is going open source, according to a blog post by Scott Guthrie on Wednesday. But the punch line isn't that MVC is really closed source — ...

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