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January, 2009

January 28, 2009  5:41 PM

Microsoft’s open source projects may help it sell software

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If you're linking to outside JavaScript code in your Web pages, you're probably (hopefully!) aware that there are certain security risks. Microsoft's Scott Isaacs talked about the problem at a session at PDC 2008 and said there are essentially two ways most sites handle this threat: some ignore it...

January 21, 2009  10:47 AM

Windows 7: The new Mojave

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Microsoft's "Mojave Experiment" was an interesting case of managing expectations. Convinced that Vista OS had gotten the short shrift, Microsoft demoed its next OS, Mojave, to a slew...

January 16, 2009  5:12 PM

Obama’s inauguration will be streamed with Silverlight

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

When millions of eyes tune in to see president-elect-but-about-to-be-President Obama's inauguration at noon on Tuesday, Microsoft will be working behind the scenes. The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) will be

January 12, 2009  2:44 PM

Mono brings C# to the iPhone, Wii

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Mono is best known as an open source implementation of .NET, but as we mentioned in our coverage of Mono...

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January 7, 2009  10:31 AM

Ja.NET: A Java compiler for .NET CLR

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Early last month I wrote an article about Java application frameworks being ported to .NET. The piece caused a 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 2, 2009  6:00 AM

Microsoft extends Windows XP availability, but layoffs on the horizon

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Here's what we've been seeing around the Web... Microsoft extended Windows XP's lifespan for OEMs who want to put it on low-end machines. Manufacturers have until the end of January to put in their orders, which can get them 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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