.NET Developments:

February, 2008

February 19, 2008  11:51 AM

Guidance Automation Toolkit for architects and teams using VS

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

As part of their job, software architects often try to establish best practices for developers working on a project within an organization. Recently released Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) for Visual Studio help architects and teams achieve this goal.

February 18, 2008  3:12 PM

Getting Visual Studio 2005 add-ins to work with Visual Studio 2008

Brian Eastwood Profile: Brian Eastwood

There are a lot of handy Visual Studio 2005 add-ins out there that, for a variety of perfectly legitimate reasons, have yet to be updated for Visual Studio 2008. Before you go looking for replacement add-ins, though, you might want to check out a recent blog post by Mohamed Ahmed Meligy called

February 15, 2008  10:34 AM

Hello F# world!

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Are you ready for the Functional? Matthew Podwysocki has blogged about F#, a functional programming language. He provides, in fact, a nifty introduction. His initial 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

February 15, 2008  9:50 AM

Introducing the new .NET Developments bloggers

Brian Eastwood Profile: Brian Eastwood

All good things must come to an end. This is my final week as the site editor of SearchWinDevelopment.com.

It's been a good ride -- I've seen Ajax and 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

February 14, 2008  9:08 AM

The elusive project properties

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

So I put together my setup project using the in-grown version of MSI (don’t get me started on how cumbersome it is to add files!) and then built it. Looked good.

But when I tested it, the suggested path was “C:\Program Files\Default...

February 14, 2008  9:06 AM

As the Microsoft-Yahoo world turns, part 6 of n

Brian Eastwood Profile: Brian Eastwood

Another day, another batch of Microsoft-Yahoo stories.

February 13, 2008  1:44 PM

As the Microsoft-Yahoo world turns, part 5 of n

Brian Eastwood Profile: Brian Eastwood

Did you really think the stream of news would die down because Yahoo rejected Microsoft's buyout bid? Really?

Here are the story lines that have emerged since Yahoo made...

February 13, 2008  12:29 PM

Fun Windows Workflow Foundation tutorial webcasts

Brian Eastwood Profile: Brian Eastwood

Joe Stagner usually blogs about ASP.NET. However, recently he's been getting inquiries about Windows Workflow Foundation. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't surprising -- anyone who's ever built an ecommerce site knows that such processes can be quite complicated and, thusly, can benefit...

February 12, 2008  2:12 PM

MSDN Code Gallery — Yet another place to find stuff

Brian Eastwood Profile: Brian Eastwood

Remember GotDotNet? Miss it? Well, Microsoft has rolled out yet another place for programmers to post stuff. It's called MSDN Code Gallery, and it was formally unveiled a couple...

February 11, 2008  4:08 PM

Danger! Windows mobile developments ahead

Yuval Shavit Profile: YuvalShavit

Mobile development has undergone some changes in recent years. A big influence has been Google, which among its various efforts is pushing the Android software stack (including an application framework and SDK, a...

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