Should small business start considering cloud?

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Cloud Computing
How much will the cost be? Is it easy to having cloudability?

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  • JustinWilson07
    I think small businesses should start thinking about cloud as you never know when disaster will strike. As far as the costing part goes, it's pay per use basis for the resources you use.
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  • ToddN2000
    I still know a lot of companies that refuse to go to the cloud. Some small think there will be no real benefit and larger companies don't want to worry about the security. Putting you livelihood into somebody elses hands security wise is a scary thought.
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  • AnjanaRamesh
    Cloud is the best adoption a small business can do, for the cost is based on "Pay per user" model and the usage being really simple.
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  • SWeissman
    As with most questions about cost, the best answer to your first query is "it depends," much as @justinwilson07 has indicated (e,g., the amount of data you're storing or moving, the number of users you're signing up, etc.)

    The answer to your second question, about ease of use, is also "it depends" -- specifically, on the user interface and interoperability methods -- but I am more comfortable now than ever when I say that, generally speaking, moving to and using cloud applications is not so bad.

    The best advice I can offer is to study each of your provider alternatives closely to be sure their usability, security, financial solidity, etc. are to your liking, as there is a wide range to choose from.
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  • ChloeS
    A small business moving to cloud is definitely a big change but with obvious benefits. Cloud computing fully utilizes hardware without any wastage of resources. This increases the value of physical server hardware, meaning businesses can do more with less. This leads to invaluable savings in terms of lower installation, maintenance, hardware, upgrade and support costs.It also gives better collaboration, flexibility in terms of resource access and greater integration with other cloud-based providers. Hope this helps!
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  • ggheorghiu
    many small companies are already considering and adoption cloud software. adoption is usually higher for relatively simple software or tools for marketing, collaboration, project management, but lower for enterprise software like ERP

    the simple tools can cost $50-$100 per user per month (some even a bit less) but ERP can be up to $500/user/month (sometimes more)
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  • appmakery
    Yes, Small businesses in fact are moving towards Cloud Solutions. Google Apps, Zendesk, Shopify etc are gaining popularity.

    I know many SMB's who are using Zoho CRM to support their business.

    Slowly but surely, cost structures are also adopting and we will see almost every business plugged into cloud very soon.
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  • XavierFerrandi
    Of course! They have to!
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  • VinuSRenish
    Small businesses find more value in moving to the cloud than remaining on-premise. However, managing cloud TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), is something that is a top cloud adoption challenge cited by most of the companies moving to the cloud. An IDC Survey reveals that managing costs have been cited as the third biggest challenge cited by cloud beginners. About 25% of those surveyed found this as a challenge.
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  • ITKE
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  • tony111
    Some small businesses can certainly benefit form using 'cloud' services, especially as the definition of cloud is now very elastic. Not all services, but some. Everything, as always in all businesses, depends on context - what makes sense and is cost-effective.
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  • Ssangi
    Definitely, the should. Better to be known for good performance, protection, and management from the beginning regardless of the business size.
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  • Ankit Patel
    Cloud is the future of storage technology. If you are going to start a new business, then you should start with cloud, don't think the cost and all!!

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  • AKtech18
    Before cloud adoption an organization should have possess required infrastructure.Now a days cloud is popular.It's not so much expensive.You have to invest for technology upgradations.
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  • goloria
    it's depend on your company needs, and the budget you spend every year, if you spend high budget on hosting and e-services cloud can help you reduce the amount you spend by 50% or more
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