CPYFRMQRYF ends in Error for some users

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The command CPYFRMQRYF is used in a CL-program. The files that are copied getting a little bit bigger every day. Now the problem is, that for some users, for bigger files the CPYFRMQRYF does not succeed and the Client Access-session is ended abnormally. Other users, who have the same PC, windows version, client access version etc. do not have this problem. Does anyone have any idea how this is possible? Greetings, Ton Konings

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  • pdraebel
    Are you sure it is the CPYFRMQRYF command that causes the CA session to end abnormally? I would suspect some CCSID issues or an authority problem.
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  • BigKat
    Are the OPNQRYF criteria always the same? If not perhaps some users' result sets have more rows than the file being copied into can hold. You might need to CHGPF and increase the SIZE options.
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  • pdraebel
    Another possibility could be that an automatic reply is given thus ending the session.
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  • ToddN2000
    Check the file sizes as mentioned and verify there are no MONMSG taking place. Have you tried running the CL in debug mode to see what the error is. Send us the error ID / MSG and we can provide more info as to what may be going on.

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  • TonKonings
    This is the error message for the users, who have the problem:

    CPF5106    Diagnostic              70   01/05/15  08:09:24,485837  QWSERROR     QSYS        0630     QWSDSMSG    QSYS       
                                         Message . . . . :   Error on device NLPC0315D1.  Device response code is 6138.         
                                         Cause . . . . . :   SNA protocol error.  There is a probable device error.             
                                           Recovery  . . . :   Device response codes and their meanings follow:                 
                                           80040000-Incorrect device address. 20040000-Direction error.                         
                                           08130000-Bracket bid not supported. 6130-Incorrect data received.                    
                                           6150-Partial chain received. 6136-Unexpected response received. 6138-System          
                                           cannot obtain send state. Close the file *N in *N and try the request again.         
                                           If the error occurs again, enter the ANZPRB command to run problem analysis.         
    CPF5503    Diagnostic              30   01/05/15  08:09:24,486132  QWSERROR     QSYS        0652     QWSDSMSG    QSYS       
                                         Message . . . . :   Input or Output request failed.  See message CPF5106.              
                                         Recovery  . . . :   See the message CPF5106. Correct the errors and then try           
                                           the request again.                                                                   
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