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Aug 14 2009   8:56PM GMT

Random Password Script Powershell

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

I was recently asked if I could write a script that would create a random password based on a word list. The password needs to have a capital letter, a special character, and a number. The password also has to be made up of two seperate words that are in the word list.

my words.csv file is formatted as so

Number, Word

Here is what I did.

$symbols = “(“, “!”, “@”, “#”, “$”, “%”, “^”, “&”, “*”, “_”, “+”, “=”, “?”, “/”, “~”, “;”, “:”, “,”, “<“, “>”, “\”, “)”, “.”
$words = Import-Csv “\\path to word list\words.csv”
$max = $words.Count

$first = New-Object system.Random
$1value = $, $max)
$firstword = $words[$1value].word
$firstword = $firstword.toupper()

Start-Sleep -milliseconds 20
$second = New-Object system.Random
$2value = $, 23)
$special = $symbols[$2value]

Start-Sleep -milliseconds 300
$third = New-Object system.Random
$3value = $, $max)
$secondword = $words[$3value].word

Start-Sleep -milliseconds 230
$num = New-Object system.Random
$4value = $, $max)
$4value = $words[$4value].number

$newpass = “$firstword$special$secondword$4value”

Echo “`n”
Echo “`n”

So as you can see I am using the word list to pull the two words as well as the number value. In order to get my capital I am using the toupper() function on the first word, and for the special character I create an array of characters and then pick one to use.

Any comments or questions please let me know.

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