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Jul 28 2009   7:14PM GMT

Helping Family

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

Yesterday I was not feeling well so I decided to take the day off of work to rest and try to get better. Well things did not really work out that well for me. I am sure that most of you can relate to this and I am curious if you do what I did or if you deal with this in some other manner. Here is the story.

I get a call from my sister-in-law telling me that my mother-in-law has lost internet connectivity to the main computer but all of the laptops in the house that are using wireless are able to connect. No big deal, I figure it is one of a few things. I have her check the simple things first. Make sure the ethernet cable is plugged in at the router and the computer, have her check to make sure that no one jacked up the connection properties and that the computer is not using a static IP, then I have her release and renew the IP. She snips at me telling me that she is not stupid and that she has checked all the cables and that the tech support person at the cable company already had her release and renew and that it did not work. First of all I never called her stupid, and second if you are so smary why are you calling me?, and third, she never told me that she had worked on this with the cable company. I am a bit upset at this point but it is family and I am always willing to help.

Then I have her take one of the working laptops, disable the wireless connection on it and plug it in to the router. I do this to test that the router is working properly and is not the issue. She plugs the laptop in and tells me that she can not get to the internet still. I have her release and renew on the laptop and she tells me that it is not working. OK I say, based on this I would say that we need to get a new router. Once you do that I will help get it all set up.

They go get the router and she calls back, this time telling me she has gone thru what the book says and set it all up but nothing is working now. She is upset that she is worse off now then before. So again, I start with the basics. Lets check the cables first. The modem is plugged into a cable line and then the modem has a ethernet cable going to the router to the internet port.(On this router it is the only Yellow plug) She insists that she has it right. I try to do some more things and nothing is getting IP’s now and that just does not make sense.  I ask again and this time I pull up a picture of the router online so I can see what she see’s. I again walk her thru it and sure enough she has it wrong.

Anyway, long story short, after about 6 hours of this back and fourth we got everything working, we did however find out that it was not the original router but just the nic in the computer that was bad. I had tried to tell her that it could be that instead of the router but she knew best and then acted like I owed her for getting this all resolved. I told her that if she could do it then to leave me alone so I can go to bed but she just laughed and did not understand how mad I really was. So I am curious how you deal with family and if your family depends on you to do all tech support. If so are they so unappreciative of the help that you provide.


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    I know who to call when i have an issue now :)
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