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Jul 27 2011   3:20PM GMT

Finally a New Phone

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

I have had the Sprint HTC Hero for just about 2 years now and I loved the phone overall. Like any device it got old and slow and stopped getting updates. Once it got really bad about 6 months ago, I rooted and romed the phone and it came back to life. Sure I had some bugs and things were not perfect but the phone was usable again.

Last night I walked into a Sprint store, not thinking I would buy anything yet, and I found out that I am eligible to be a premiere member and that give me the option of upgrading now and I will also be able to get the 2 year price break on upgrades every year. For me that is nice since I work in IT, like many of you, I need to have a phone that can handle all that I throw at it.

I was torn on what phone to purchase, the Choices were the Nexus S and the Evo 3D. I really like that the Nexus S is the Google Phone and that it is Vanilla Android and I would be getting OS updates very quickly. But this phone had two major downfalls for me.  One is that it does not have a micro SD Card slot, that means I am stuck with only the internal memory and I can not take it out and plug it in to a computer if something should happen to the device. I might lose some important data. Two is that it is a single core proc, now I know that is not really a bad thing right now, but I think that since the multi core devices are hitting the market now that Developers will start to really take advantage of that. Some other minor things are that the screen is a bit smaller and frankly I do not think it looks as nice as the HTC.

The HTC EVO 3D has one MAJOR flaw and this is what I ran into with my Hero. Since it has HTC Sense UI, which I really do like, I will not be getting updates like the Nexus S. Not sure if and or when the EVO3D will get Ice Cream Sandwich and that is a huge flaw for me. But I love that I can put a 32 Gig SD Card in it and it is a dual core proc. Plus the screen is bigger and in my opinion a better looking screen, and the 3D is cool even though that is not a reason to pick one phone over another.

So I chose the EVO3D. I know that I might not get the updates as fast as the Nexus S but I will be shocked if it does not get Ice Cream Sandwich and if I have to I will Root and Rom this one as well. I will be waiting a while on doing that though.

I have only had the phone for about 12 hours and I was sleeping for about 6 of that so I have not really played with it too much yet. So far I really like it but I will post again about the phone and let you know what I really thing soon.

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