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Aug 29 2010   10:00AM GMT

Exchange Email Changes (Mailboxes)

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

So lets dive into some of the code in order to get this thing done. This post will be in multiple parts since I actually am still not done writing the code. I have done the majority of it at this time and can start sharing thought. So one thing that you need to know is that I am working on this for a child domain in the forrest. Today I am going to talk about how to get the mailbox information out of exchange so we can start comparing and testing. I certainly do not want to get mailbox information for the entire Forrest of mailboxes. That would be way to many and I have no need to gather all that information. In order to get the information on the mailboxes that I am concerned with I did the following.

$mailboxes = get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit -ResultSize unlimited |where{$_.recipienttypedetails -eq “UserMailBox”

with my actual OU information of course. Now that will go get all the mailbox information from that OU and store it all in $mailboxes. The | where works so that I am ot gathering any roommailboxes so things like calendars and public folders are not going to be gathered into this list.  Next I figured that I wanted to output a list of all smtp address that are used to a file so I can compare addresses that I am creating to addresses that are already being used. For that I did the following loop.

$comparefile = c:\compare.txt

foreach($mailbox in $mailboxes)\


$smtpaddresses = $mailbox.emailaddresses | where {$_.prefixstring -eq “smtp”}

foreach($smtpaddress in $smtpaddresses)


$addstring = $smtpaddress.addressstring

$addstring >>  $comparefile



What I did is I go thru each mailbox one by one and I pull out all of the smtp type addresses, My company also has Notes type addresses and I am not concerned with those. Once I have all of the smtp addresses for that mailbox now I need to go thru all of those for each user one at a time and get the smtp string field and then output that to $comparefile.

So that will give me a txt file with every smtp address that my OU is using.

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