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Jan 12 2012   2:28PM GMT

CES Story I heard

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

Today as I was driving to work I was listening to Tech News Today and they were talking about Motorola saying that the carriers do not want them to deliver phones with stock Android. They want to be able to differentiate the phone based on the software and that is why things like Sense UI and the other overlays really exist. Well here is what I think about that.

First I do not have an issue with you having an overlay that differentiates your phone. You can put all the bloat ware on it that you want if that is what pleases the carrier. As a customer though, I would say to hell with the carrier, I am the one purchasing the phone. Why does it matter what they want? So I have a perfect solution and it really should be pretty simple and may even cut down on people rooting and ROMing phones. Give us the option to install the OS with the overlay and all the bloatware on it and then you can differentiate your device based on the krappy software that you are forcing me, the customer, to have on my phone. But how about you also give us the ability to install just a base Android OS that is certified on the device and all your hardware. I mean I am am sure you have to get that to work before you start piling all your own sh!t on top of it anyway right.

This is a win win I think. This lets you, the manufacturer, do what you think you need to in order to get the carriers to buy off on your device. But this also gives the consumer the option to have the type of experience they are looking for. I am buying an android phone for a reason you know. That is because I like Android the way Google made it.

Another point I would like to make is, why do you have to differentiate with software? You are a hardware manufacturer correct? If my assumption is correct then why not differentiate by making your hardware better then the rest. Part of the experience of using a mobile device is the actual device. I know that I want a good camera, a good processor, more memory, option to have sd card to add memory, nice screen that is very responsive and will last over time, and I do want to be able to upgrade to new versions of the OS as long as the hardware can deliver on that platform, and I almost forgot, get me a battery that will last a while. I hate that I can not use my devices for a full day without running to the wall outlet to get some juice. That is how you should be differentiating yourself.

I am picking on Motorola here since they said this at CES, but this is for all manufacturers. I really think that the majority of customers that have a clue about this type of tech want stock Android and at the very lease a good option to install stock Android. And those customers that are not in the know still do not want most of the bloatware that you put on the devices. Let me choose if I want Nascar or NFL or NBA apps installed on my phone. Do not install them and not give me the option to remove them.

Anyway, I hope that someone who has some pull will read this and take it to heart. If you agree with me then please tweet this out and please leave a comment so if someone that matters does see this, they will see that they are actually pissing the consumer off with the custom OS’s that they are putting on my device and forcing me to use.

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