The Multifunctioning DBA:

December, 2010

December 7, 2010  9:14 PM

Setting Min and Max Memory settings in SQL with Powershell

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

So today I was thinking about some of the things that are currently not set up properly on some of my servers. I got to thinking that a lot of them were never set up properly for Min and Max Server memory. Most of them, that were installed before my time, are set up with the defaults and as you all...

December 3, 2010  9:07 PM

Powershell SMO database size property incorrect

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

Ran into an issue while writing a script to gather database properties via smo and one that I want is database size. I wrote the script and started testing it and my values were all wrong and the same for all databases in the instance. I did a few things trying to figure out what I was doing wrong...

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