The Multifunctioning DBA:

February, 2010

February 26, 2010  10:00 AM

Test, Dev, and Production Databases in one Instance?

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

NO, NO, and once again I say NO. Somewhere in the world someone may have a good reason to do this. I can not think of it but hey, I do not know it all. I have seen places that have Instances with all three database types and I told them to change. My thoughts are simple really. I have two major...

February 25, 2010  10:00 AM

Powershell Sysadmin Role Audit Script

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

I am working on a Powershell script that will audit my SQL Servers Logins and tell me who is a member of the sysadmin role. I think that this is a good idea for any DBA. I know that I do not want to have very many people with this type of access to data that I am in charge of protecting. This...

February 24, 2010  10:30 AM

Service Accounts with sysadmin role

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

I have been finding so many servers that I have now that have application service accounts in the local administrators group. I HATE this. Why why why, do we not determine what the application needs and just give them that. I am only ranting about this because in SQL Server 2005 the local admin...

February 23, 2010  9:46 PM

MSDB Problems

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

Just the other morning at 3:00 AM I get a page, Love being on call, and I see some errors about MSDB. Well this concerns me but it is 3:00 AM and my head is not really on straight. I doze back to sleep, in ten more minutes I get two pages, This time I get errors about MSDB again and I also get...

February 19, 2010  10:30 AM

70-443 Chapter 4

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

More security and some repeat of chapter 3. This is good though, they really hammered home to make sure that you are using AV, Strong Passwords, and things like that from Chapter 3. New information about NTLM and Kerberos Authentication, Certificates for encryption, and a lot of great information...

February 18, 2010  8:25 PM

70-443 Chapter 3

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

Chapter 3 was all about designing SQL Server Security in the enterprise. Again something that I need to start digging into and fixing in my environment. Should be fun though. This chapter talked alot about Domain Level Group Policy as well as Local Group Policies. Using GP in order to force...

February 16, 2010  3:48 PM

What is the Primary Job of a DBA?

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

So this post is about DBA's like me. I am a systems DBA and not a developer. In fact I know very little about the language of SQL and I need to learn a lot more about it and hopefully I can integrate using more SQL into my job. Anyway, I ask the question of what is the primary responsibilty of a...

February 13, 2010  8:00 AM

70-443 Chapter 2

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

This chapter is all about cosolidation and multiple instances. Not a very long chapter but a great read. I have to say that this cleard up some misconceptions on my part and I really enjoyed the chapter. This chapter talks about instance design and consolidation strategy. I must say that I was a...

February 12, 2010  3:42 PM

The Money will come

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

Mr, Denny Recently wrote a post called Do what you love, love what you do, or let someone who...

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February 10, 2010  12:51 AM

70-443 Format

Colin Smith Colin Smith Profile: Colin Smith

The 70-443 book also outlines what to expect on the exam. I think that this is great. After completing the first chapter, and loving it, I am excited about reading about the exam. It seems that this test will be a more engaging test than the first was. This test will have a five page outline of a...

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