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April 15, 2016  2:30 PM

What to expect from Genband Perspectives16

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
Communication, Data, Data services, Developer, Genband, IP-based, ISVs, Mobile, Real time

It's Spring conference season and that means three things: 1. People should use more tooth floss & avoid 'convention coffee breath' if at all possible. 2. Florida, Vegas, Barcelona, Amsterdam, San Francisco and various other symposium-friendly locations will be doing good business. 3. The...

March 1, 2016  10:00 AM

Pusher CEO: we need more ‘real time’ developers, the tooling is ready

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
Application delivery, pusher, Real time

Pusher has hung out the flags and bought extra sausage rolls, potato crisps and fizzy pop to celebrate its new product redesign -- the developer tool company is known for its real time notification tool. 1New_pusher_quick_nav.jpg

February 22, 2012  3:34 AM

Integrated data, SIM cards, helicopters & Alice Springs

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
Data, Mobile, Real time

There's too much talk in information technology at the moment. I know: hello pot, I'm kettle -- who I am to rant about IT commentary? But hear me out... The automated distribution of so-called "news" relating to tiny point-level platform and application adjustments is everywhere. The real future...

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