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November 4, 2011  11:51 AM

Two examples of real information warfare hacking

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
Hacker, Hacking, malware, SecureData, Security

It's important to remember what we mean when we talk about hacking these days. Hacking has many positive connotations and is often used hand-in-hand with the term 'mashup'. Coders using APIs relating to popular web services to provide new incremental layers of user functionality is, of...

November 1, 2011  2:48 PM

Hackers rooting and jailbreaking mobile apps for evil malware creation

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
jailbreak, malware, Mobile Application Development, Security

San Antonio based web application security specialist Denim Group has been airing its opinions on the security challenges facing developers looking at mobile app creation. The company asserts that mobile applications can be (especially) challenging to develop securely because they have "a very...

April 24, 2011  4:56 PM

Something old, something new, something secure & something blue

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
IBM, Infosec, malware, Security

Last week's InfoSec security exhibition was pretty good value. The usual mix of briefings, stands and "booth babe" show girls, packets of complementary (but heavily logo-branded) mints and candies, on-the-spot interviews and -- oh yes, vendors and news announcements too. So as I bounced between...

April 8, 2011  1:59 PM

Developers beware; the lethal SQL (injection) stalks this night

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
JavaScipt, malware, SQL

CAST Software's press team has been a busy lot this week. Just last night I was working on a story that talks about the company's opinions on sloppy programmer code validation practices and how this can lead to SQL code injections targeted at the database layer of an application.


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