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Apr 22 2008   2:00AM GMT

In Search of the Elusive Program “Bug”

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

It happens sometimes, that elusive “bug” that just drives you crazy as a programmer.  I know I’m not the only one that this has happened to, as there are many other developers with whom I’ve spoken that relate similar stories to mine — that of spending hours looking for the solution to a problem that you know just shouldn’t exist.  As for me, I’d just as soon forget about today’s episode.  It was not a pretty sight!  Heck, it still isn’t pretty!

The fact of the matter is, the problem that has been “bugging” me all day has still not been exterminated.  And in spite of my best efforts to analyze, use every tool available to me in my efforts to find the problem, and even after reading the manual, the problem remains.  I hate it when that happens!

It all seems like it should be so simple, yet something has changed that I have not been able to identify.  As a result, the program is still not working, nor at this point is my brain working.  It’s really time to stop thinking about the problem — but it seems I just can’t get it out of my mind.  So, since I have this blog available to me I thought I would share a bit about my problems today.  Hopefully others who read this will be able to relate.

This was one of those infamous projects which was supposed to be “quick”.  After all, what I was doing was updating a pretty straightforward “simple” application.  The problem with this update appears to be that I am actually working with two updated versions of software.  During earlier beta testing of the software, the updates worked flawlessly.  Now that I have the final release of the program, I can’t seem to get it working.

I have tried everything I know of to help me keep a clear mind while addressing the problem — I’ve walked away from it, and then come back.  I took a few short walks!  As simple as the program is, I even started from scratch — with the same result.  It was at that point when I decided perhaps the change in versions may be the root of the problem.  That’s tomorrow’s project.

May your programming day be void of these issues — and if you’re NOT a programmer — be thankful and think of those who create the applications you are using.  It might just be that a lot of sweat went into their creation.  Not a marathon for sure, but seems like it when dealing with the elusive “bug”.

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