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Jan 28 2008   12:55PM GMT

Development Humor as Thought Provoking Material

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While reading through one of the Visual Dataflex newsgroup posts last week I stumbled upon an exchange where some developers were talking about their preference to keep their machines “clean”, as in not installing programs which are not going to be used, but for one reason or another get “added” — something like the various shortcuts that appear after loading just about any commercial program these days —  tax software for instance:>)

Anyway, the following excerpt was just too good to not pass along.

“…But you see, I prefer a *really* clean machine.  Every day I change the harddrive and start by installing a fresh copy of Windows and (Enter preferred development environment).  I then empty the start menu and delete every single icon from the desktop… I then re-write all my applications from scratch before I quickly switch it off again and sink the entire thing into my bathtub filled with a 60-70% solution of isopropanol…”

Now, while the above is completely absurd I’d venture a guess that there have been a few times in our development life that we truly wished to accomplish the above and just start from scratch on a project — and that certainly describes my state over the past couple of weeks!  But then there is the following sobering response from another of the participants:

“…But, you see there is a flaw in that because no matter how many times you re-write it, it still going to have bugs. <g> …”

This little exchange seems to summarize what many of us dealing with development issues daily are faced with.  I’m also reminded of my original idea for this blog, to expose the issues developers are faced with and hopefully provide insight and perspectives into ways of working with those issues.  I actually do not recommend the above “bathtub” approach, even though it does sound appealing on this Monday morning!

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  • Applause14
    Hi Joe, As a philisophical note to your post, it becomes extremely important the more serious your work is to break out once in a while and just bust up laughing. As an example of this, I am of the opinion that Albert Einstein left us with one for the records. E=MC2. Of course we are all familiar with this equation where matter times the speed of light equals energy. Who better to leave us with an enigma that can't possibly be proven and maybe history will show (in light years ahead) that he wasn't even close and that it was all a sense of humor, laughing at us mere mortals who go out tanning in the sun, getting sunburns, even though the earth is 93 million miles from the sun (average)? Here's one: we pay $3 a gallon for gasoline which travels on ships, trucks, and pipelines, while the sun is free, and when the sun is gone there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth (true). So, I say we send a space shuttle to the Sun to plant a flag and take ownership of the Sun before the French do. We'll make the sun stop shining unless the arabs pay, and put it on ships, trucks, and pipelines so that General Motors will notice and turn it into profit. That's your next project, Joe: go for it! Bottled Sunshine available at all JOEC Markets. Directions: Open bottle, leave out in sunshine for 1 minute, add water and stir. Cover and store in refridgerator. Light will never go out as long as your fridge light works. Regards, Peter
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