Custom Application Development:

June, 2009

June 30, 2009  2:03 PM

Application Launching — Softly Please

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

There have been a number of posts made commenting about a recent post on 37 Signals blog about "Why it's wise to launch softly".  I always love to see my thoughts in print by others, or to see...

June 29, 2009  4:00 PM

The Application Delivery Deadline — Good or Evil?

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

"Do You Really Need a Deadline?" is a post I found interesting in the light of my current "deadline" pressures.  Related to the post, I also found comments on the post to be interesting, such...

June 28, 2009  4:00 PM

Custom Application RFP Process Approaches

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

My posts last month generally consisted of comments, suggestions and difficulties with preparing cost estimating of legacy applications.  Recently I had the...

June 27, 2009  1:36 PM

Application Over Design — Is there such a thing?

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Yes there is ladies and gentlemen!  End of story, NOT end of post! While doing some "cleaning up" around the office recently I ran into a design spec that I had the misfortune to encounter some 20 years ago.  It was submitted as a "Preliminary Draft", weighed in at about the birth of a child...

June 25, 2009  9:57 PM

Software Development Platform Comparisons

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

So many development environments to choose from, so little time to work with them!  You may see something about an environment of interest to you, but wonder just what is working with it really like?  Well, I stumbled upon a recent report of interest from

June 24, 2009  10:53 AM

Application Design for Tight Operator Control

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

In these days of exceptionally "busy" screens within which operators can usually choose many options (...and sometimes ones which they shouldn't), I have been placed in a position where I am being asked to create an application with minimal functionality entry screens!  This design approach...

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