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February, 2009

February 27, 2009  5:00 PM

Projects and Priorities

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

In keeping up with these times of limited resources and high desires (if not expectations - which may also be running high!) it is critical that project priority be properly set.  Many of us have been involved with projects which have many facets to them, and depending upon the environment those...

February 26, 2009  6:00 PM

Simplicity is Power

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Seems like I've expounded on this topic ever since my first encounter with software and software development.  Keep it Simple (Stupid) - aka the KISS approach is, I believe, always appropriate when looking at development of a business application.  It has always been my goal that users of...

February 26, 2009  6:15 AM

The Illusion of Perfect Software

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Perfect software doesn't exist - that should be "...elementary my Dear Watson."  Ok, so starting with that assumption where does one go with their quest for the "perfect" software, or perhaps the "perfect" tester, or the "perfect" whatever for that matter!  A couple of weeks ago I bookmarked a...

February 25, 2009  5:00 AM

Communications and the Multi-Generational Development Team

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Something I'd never thought about before reading Talking About My Generation  in the latest Entrepreneur magazine is how differently those of us in different generations prefer to communicate.  I have of course...

February 24, 2009  5:00 PM

Rambling Thoughts on These Times

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to exercise my Massachusetts civic responsibility by reporting to a county courthouse for possible selection as a trial juror.  Having been before I knew something of what to expect, i.e. long idle periods of wait time, a quick video explaining the...

February 24, 2009  12:51 PM

Changes, Users and Resistance

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Let's face it, software development and design is complex - even when it's simple :-) There are some areas where it seems that no matter what is done there will be unhappy users - at least for a while.  I found myself in that category last week when it was announced by Data Access Corp that...

February 17, 2009  2:05 PM

The Wonders of the Technology

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

When it all works -- it's great.  I can't help but continually be amazed at the changes I've seen in the technology over the span of time that I've been involved.  For me it all started in the U.S. Navy - communications.  I remember thinking during my Navy training how much there was to learn....

February 16, 2009  11:56 AM

Application Design and Expectations

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

I believe I've stated before in this blog that at one time while working with some ERP software I became known as the man who "...wouldn't have designed it that way!"  Well, yesterday I saw that same user frustration and amazement (I'm being nice) with regard to an application that my friend was...

February 15, 2009  12:26 PM

Fighting Shutdown during Slowdown

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Certainly these are trying economic times for us!  We're all seemingly "trying" to keep our heads above water economically, or at least minimize our losses.  We're "trying" to make sense of an economy gone into a spiral, and "trying" to maintain balance during all the turmoil.  These "trying"...

February 9, 2009  11:36 AM

The IT Worker Telecommuting

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Somehow or another in spite of my best efforts to escape computer-speak when I'm not actively at work :-) it seems that even my personal "life" is laced with computer and IT geeks.  Of course, as I've blogged about previously, I don't really try to separate my "life" into a "work-life" and...

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