Custom Application Development:

October, 2008

October 31, 2008  9:10 PM

Programming Languages

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I've never really thought much about programming languages -- nor the plethora of languages that have been developed through the years.  While writing my previous blog entry I found myself trying to come up with the name of my first programming language - COBOL.  It's been so long now since I...

October 31, 2008  8:40 PM

Time for Application Re-Design?

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As an independent custom application software developer I have determined that any really active application (...defined as an application basically designed and developed on an on-going basis, changed and updated frequently as business needs develop) periodically requires that the developer step...

October 30, 2008  6:14 PM

Software Training

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

I recently read an interesting article entitled "Testing training: Disturbing Behaviors of Students".  It's author started the article...

October 22, 2008  7:58 PM

IT and the Business Student

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

I had an experience this week!  It was one of those unplanned "moments" where it seems that the universe aligns and presents an opportunity for the taking.  This is the story of an experience involving a grand-daughter (student) and a "grampy" (IT blogger).  You might guess the personalities...

October 17, 2008  11:30 AM

Application Trust — Who do you trust?

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

As some new system or network need comes up either for myself, or for a client, I may find myself searching the internet for something to fill that need.  Obviously this must be done with care and more than a bit of due diligence.  There are in fact many excellent resources available from the...

October 16, 2008  12:18 AM

Coming Back to a Project

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Regardless of the reason for a development project being delayed, coming back to a project which has been "on the back burner" for a while seems always to raise questions about the project.  For me the questions may start out with "Where was I on this before I had to leave it?", to "Why on earth...

October 15, 2008  2:33 PM

Managing Application Expectations

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

I remember the statement made by the president of a software company vendor of mine in a meeting some years ago as if it were yesterday.  The comment, made to a salesperson of his also in the meeting, was this -- "See, it's all about managing expectations.  We have to do a better job of managing...

October 9, 2008  3:59 PM

Business Changes, Personnel Changes and the Custom Application

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

There's nothing that I can think of to "shake up" business processes and the custom applications used to support those processes more than a personnel change.  This is most clearly apparent in the small company applications used by a handful of key users in the company.  If for whatever reason...

October 8, 2008  6:00 AM

Service Pricing Thoughts for the Independent Developer

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

So here we are -- the stock market still sliding downward  (...or is it a free-fall?), unemployment rising, IT jobs being cut, and seemingly unending bad news on the economic front!  If you are on an IT payroll somewhere, you may be concerned about your future with the company - and rightfully...

October 7, 2008  6:00 AM

Software Development Project Closure Thoughts

SJC SJC Profile: SJC

Back in mid June I was interviewed by a freelance writer working on an article about software development project closure.  It was an interesting topic to me, and one which I have honestly never really stopped to think about.  While I've blogged often about my thoughts regarding user input,...

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