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April, 2008

April 30, 2008  12:34 AM

Desktop Software Revolution in the Making?

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The hype around the use (...or rather non-use) of Vista continues to be in full swing as we close out April 2008, a mere 2 months before the "official" Microsoft mandated end date for availability of Windows XP on new computers.  Computerworld published an article on the web today "

April 29, 2008  4:52 PM

Thoughts on the Career Software Developer

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I just finished reading an excellent post by fellow TechTarget blogger Ron Richard entitled "The career, software developer (your comments appreciated)".  His post is one which...

April 29, 2008  3:17 AM

Custom Application Development and Creativity

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Writing this blog is a creative endeavor on my part -- in the past I've tried to avoid any extensive amounts of writing yet I felt pulled toward doing it, and I have enjoyed doing it over the last few months.  In a like manner I truly enjoy doing the application development work that I do, which...

April 26, 2008  1:18 PM

Application Code Maintenance vs Re-Creation

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Which would you rather do -- maintain an existing application's code or create (maybe re-create) an application from scratch?  Obviously, it would depend upon the complexity and size of the application, and perhaps the tools used to create the app -- but I believe that at some point after an app...

April 25, 2008  5:42 PM

The Buy, Build or Ignore Decision

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A recent visit to a doctor's office this week channeled my thinking once again toward the simple applications that can save time in any environment.  As I was checking in at the registration desk, it was noted that they did not have the latest copy of my insurance card.  I gave the receptionist...

April 24, 2008  3:49 PM

Thoughts on the Elusive “Bug”

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My last post was certainly created in the heat of the moment, and displayed I'm sure a significant amount of the angst that I was feeling at the time.  The issue that I was having has now been resolved, but it really serves as an excellent example of some of the pitfalls that can occur when...

April 22, 2008  2:00 AM

In Search of the Elusive Program “Bug”

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It happens sometimes, that elusive "bug" that just drives you crazy as a programmer.  I know I'm not the only one that this has happened to, as there are many other developers with whom I've spoken that relate similar stories to mine -- that of spending hours looking for the solution to a problem...

April 19, 2008  6:06 AM

Custom Application Programing – Either a Feast or Famine

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Perhaps I should take 16 day vacations more often, as upon my settling in after my return I realized that I have a very full plate in front of me.  Throughout my years as an independent software developer, this is what I have found.  When a developer is dealing with custom applications, it seems...

April 18, 2008  4:48 PM

Custom Software Application Quality Takes Time

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After returning from a 16 day road trip, I found myself immersed very quickly in "issues" at a client's site, much to my dismay.  Fortunately, the issues that greeted me upon my arrival were not those of the custom programs being run by this client, but rather network and server issues. ...

April 9, 2008  2:35 AM

Application Requirements, Desires, Business Value and Costs

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The title of this post indicates one of the most critical areas, I believe, that needs to be addressed when considering custom applications software.  Most non-IT persons seem to have difficulty separating what is truly an application requirement and what is a desire for an application. ...

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