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September, 2009

September 12, 2009  3:31 AM

Secret Messages Hidden in VoIP Traffic

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Security researchers are increasingly concerned that hackers are close to developing tools for VoIP-based steganography. With hidden messages being transmitted secretly within the voice data,...

September 12, 2009  2:12 AM

Verizon Unveils Vendor-Agnostic Managed Mobility

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Verizon would love to be the sole provider of mobile communications services for every customer around the world. But, realizing that won't ever happen it is going for the next best thing- managing mobile communications for customers regardless of the mobile carrier(s) they are using. The...

September 7, 2009  2:46 PM

Don’t Rely on DNS

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

In an increasingly IP-based world, DNS (Domain Name System) is a critical part of the foundation for communications. A device or web site is associated with an IP address, but it is much easier to remember to type 'google.com' into a Web browser than to try and remember that 'google.com' is...

September 5, 2009  3:03 AM

FaceTime Strengthens UC / Web 2.0 Security with Sunbelt Partnership

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

FaceTime is building more comprehensive security into its Unified Security Gateway thanks to a partnership with Sunbelt Software. According to the press...

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September 4, 2009  1:56 AM

Implementing Security When Its Too Late Is a Double-Negative

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Implementing security controls after an attack or compromise of data is like shutting the barn door after the horse has already escaped...but worse. Getting serious about VoIP and unified communications security after the whole solution is architected and implemented is costly enough. It is...

September 1, 2009  3:43 PM

Unified Communications as a Service

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Are there any technologies left that don't have 'as-a-service' tacked on to the end of the name? I guess it's just the direction things are heading as more organizations embrace 'cloud computing' and vendors and service providers find more and more things to offer from 'the cloud'. One of the...

September 1, 2009  2:49 PM

Using Presence Effectively

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Presence is arguably the glue that makes unified communications work. It is Presence, the ability to determine the current status and availability of contacts, that enables users to communicate more efficiently. Presence can let you see who is available, what they are currently engaged in, and...

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