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September, 2007

September 27, 2007  7:28 PM

Survey Paints Bleak Outlook for Mobile Network Security

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

It seems like security breaches and data compromise are almost a daily occurrence now. From the stolen VA laptop, to the massive breach of customer trust and network security at

September 27, 2007  7:10 PM

Vendors Begin Development of USB 3.0

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

A group of hardware and software manufacturers, including Microsoft, Intel, and HP, have formed the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. The mission of the group is to coordinate development of the next-generation USB standard, USB 3.0. Their goal is to boost USB performance about 10 times over the existing USB...

September 27, 2007  7:00 PM

Wired Networks R.I.P.

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

According to a recent report from Burton Group Senior Analyst Paul DeBeasi, the end of wired Ethernet networking is at hand. Comparing the features and functionality of the latest standards- 802.11n wireless vs. wired Gigabit Ethernet- DeBeasi concludes that the benefits of an 802.11n network will...

September 20, 2007  5:44 PM

EMC Introduces Technology to Manage IPv6

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

IPv6, the next generation IP protocol which is replacing the current IPv4 (not sure what happened to IPv5) has not taken off quite the way it had been anticipated. Still, the standard is being rolled out more and more, if by nothing more than attrition, and organizations need next generation tools...

September 18, 2007  1:12 PM

Is The Perimeter Dead?

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

When it comes to network security, the perimeter has traditionally been the primary defense. Organizations have invested a significant amount of time, money and resources into firewalls and other perimeter security technologies aimed at keeping unauthorized network traffic outside and sensitive...

September 13, 2007  5:26 PM

Dissent In The ‘Unified’ Ranks

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Less than a month ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Cisco CEO John Chambers held a joint press conference announcing their intent to cooperate and collaborate...

September 11, 2007  2:42 PM

If It Ain’t Broke, Maybe It’s Time To Fix It

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Ages of folk wisdom suggest that if something "ain't broke, don't fix it". In many cases, this logic makes sense. If a system or process is working just fine the way it is, you don't want to invest the limited resources you have in improving or altering it when you have actual broken things to fix....

September 5, 2007  6:15 AM

Cisco Merges Technologies to Create ‘oneNAC’

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Recently, I wrote about the struggles NAC (Network Admission Control) solutions have been going through to gain acceptance. According to a

September 3, 2007  8:55 AM

IP Addressing Crash Course

Tony Bradley Tony Bradley Profile: Tony Bradley

Do you understand the difference between classless and classful IP addressing? Can you explain what is different in IPv6 from IPv4 and why businesses or individuals should care? How about calculating a subnet mask- or determining the total possible IP addresses based on the subnet mask? I had a...

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