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August 29, 2013  1:00 AM

Development Tools Spend – Top Spending Industry Sectors

kwicka Profile: kwicka
consultancy, Development tools, film, Programming, Software, telecommunications

Medium sized software publishers employing 100-999 staff are top spenders on development software tools with a typical outlay of almost £300k.  Telecommunications companies are the next highest investors with half that amount.  They are followed by electricity & gas supply...

August 26, 2013  1:00 AM

Application Software Spend – Residential Care & Social Work

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Application software, Software

Medium and large sized residential care and social work establishments spend about £40 per staff member on application packaged software.  For smaller sized organisations, social workers have a notably greater amount invested.

August 22, 2013  1:00 AM

Custom Software Spend – Rental & Leasing Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka

Rental & leasing companies with over 1000 staff spend around £60 per employee on custom software.  This is considerably less than the £160 spent by all large UK organisations.  For all other size bands rental & leasing firms match or exceed the UK norm.

August 14, 2013  11:35 AM

Most popular software used in accountancy firms

Bill Goodwin Profile: Bill Goodwin
accountancy, CCH, Digita, excel, Iris, Sage, Software

This graph from Thomson Reuters shows the most popular integrated suite accountancy software used by accountancy firms. No surprise, perhaps, that Thomson Reuters Digita is listed as the most popular choice in this particular survey. Sage is used by 10% of the firms, and Iris by 18%. What is...

August 8, 2013  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Electricity & Gas Supply Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
electricity, Gas, Hardware, Software, staff

Large electricity & gas supply companies spend one third of their IT & telecom budgets on external software.  Just over a quarter is dedicated to IT & telecom staff with a similar amount on computer services.  This differs significantly from the all UK position for large...

July 22, 2013  1:00 AM

Development Tools Spend – Mineral Manufacturers

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Development tools, Software

Mineral manufacturers spend £40 per employee on development software tools which is the same as for all UK manufacturers.  There is a significant difference however when comparing the outgoings by size of organisation.  For large firms, mineral manufacturers lag by a factor of 2.

July 15, 2013  1:00 AM

Application Software Spend – Specialised Construction Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Application software, Software

Application software packages purchases by specialised construction firms with 50+ staff are at a lower level than that for the construction sector overall.  The latter additionally covers buildings construction and civil engineering companies.  For smaller concerns the investment is...

July 11, 2013  1:00 AM

Custom Software Spend – Sports & Recreation Organisations

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Recreation, Software, sports

Overall sports & recreation organisations have an outlay of £30 per employee on custom software.  This varies by size of organisation with medium sized concerns investing twice that amount whilst large ones only directing £20 per staff member.  In all cases the all UK values are...

July 8, 2013  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Food & Beverage Services Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Hardware, Software, staff

Food & beverage services companies typically spend over £400 per employee on IT & telecom staff, products and services.  Telecom services and staff take the largest share, each costing some £120 per employee.

June 20, 2013  1:00 AM

Development Tools Spend – Oil & Other Fuel Industries

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Development tools, Fuel, oil, Software

Large companies in oil & other fuel industries spend over £600 per employee on software development tools.  This is over twice that expended by smaller concerns in the sector and more than a factor of 5 compared with the national figure for large organisations.

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