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August 30, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Hardware Spend – Research & Development

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Hardware spend per employee is significantly greater for larger concerns in Research & Development than for all UK organisations.  In the case of medium companies (100-999 employees) it is greater by a multiple of 2.5.

August 26, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff as % All Staff – Auxiliary Transport Activities

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IT staff, SME, SMEs

Medium (100-999 employees) Auxiliary Transport Activities firms have the highest proportion of staff dedicated to IT.  Next in line in this sector are small concerns (50-99 employees) followed by large companies (1000+ employees).  The same ranking applies to all Transport Services...

August 25, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Managers Pay – Post & Courier

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Courier, IT staff, pay, Post, salary, SME, SMEs

IT managers at Post & Courier firms with fewer than 1000 employees are paid less than their counterparts in the rest of the UK.  Those working in larger concerns, however, have the edge earning a couple of thousand more than the national mean.

August 24, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Budgets – Major Industry Sectors

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Business services, distribution, Public sector, SME, SMEs, telecoms

Medium sized (100-999 employees) Financial Services organisations, on average, spend £2.7 m on IT.  This is 80% more than Business Services firms which typically outlay £1.5m.  Public Sector enterprises commit almost £0.6m whilst for Production Industry firms it is nearly...

August 23, 2011  1:00 AM

Software Spend – Machinery & Equipment Manufacture

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manufacturers, Manufacturing, SME, SMEs

Across all sizes of Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers, internal software staff expenditure exceeds that of external software.  It is particularly striking for firms with 100+ employees where the internal spend is a factor of 4 greater.

August 22, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Strategy/Planning Staff Pay – Telecommunications Firms

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IT Strategy, pay, salary, SME, SMEs, telcos, Telecom, telecommunications

Larger sized telecommunication companies pay their IT strategy & planning staff less than the average for all UK organisations.  In enterprises with over 1000 staff the earnings differ by £10,000.

August 18, 2011  1:00 AM

Telecom Services Spend – Paper Manufacture

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manufacture, manufacturers, Manufacturing, SME, SMEs

Large (1000+ employees) Paper Manufacturers spend over £500 per employee on telecom services.  This is 30% more than all Manufacturers.  The difference reduces with size of organisation such that Paper Manufacturers with under 50 staff spend less than the all Manufacturers...

August 16, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Pay – Education

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Education, IT managers, IT operations, IT staff, IT Strategy, pay, salary, SME, SMEs

Strategy & planning staff in medium (100-999 employees) education establishments are adrift by £20,000 in their pay from the UK norm.  For IT managers the difference is £15,000 whilst software staff is down by £12,000.

August 15, 2011  1:00 AM

Computer Services Spend – Management Consultants

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Business services, SME, SMEs

Medium sized (100-999 employees) Management Consultancies spend £1,500 per staff member on computer services.  This is a 50% more than other Business Services of comparable size.  It is also 15% more than the largest Management Consultant firms.

August 10, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Spend as % Turnover – Air Transport

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SME, SMEs, Turnover

Air Transport companies with 1000+ staff spend just over 2% of their turnover on IT.  This is a quarter less than that for all Transport Services firms.  Smaller Air Transport concerns spend under 1% of revenue on IT.

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