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October 3, 2011  1:00 AM

Computer Services Spend – Monthly Growth

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Prior to the 2009/10 recession, computer services spend grew at an average monthly rate of 9%.  During the recessionary period expenditure advancement was negative between April 2009 and May 2010 reaching a low point of -15% in January 2010.  Since the end of the recession, growth...

August 5, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Costs – Art, Entertainment & Recreation

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Large Art, Entertainment & Recreation organisations (1000+ employees) spend £1500 per employee on IT staff.  This is 15% less than medium sized concerns (100-999 employees).  Both spend 10% less than the rest of the Community & Personal Services sector.

July 4, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Costs – Publishing & Printing

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Publishing & Printing companies with 1000+ employees spend half their IT budgets on staff.  This is ahead of that for all large Manufacturers.  For all other sizes of organisation, Publishers & Printers outlay on IT staff is notably smaller.

June 14, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Costs – Other Business Services

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Large companies (1000+ employees) in Other Business Services spend in excess of £900m in total on IT staff.  This is half the sum for the whole sector.  A further third is spent by medium sized firms (100-999 employees).


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May 11, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Costs – Air Transport

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IT staff costs as a proportion of total IT spend increase with size of organisation except for the largest enterprises (1000+ employees).  This reflects the greater outsourcing activities of large concerns.  Air Transport companies follow this pattern with medium and large firms...

April 11, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Costs – Financial Services

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Within Financial Services, IT staff costs are by far the largest in Banking.  They are a factor of 5 greater than those for Finance Houses, a factor of 3 in the case of Insurance whilst they are 50% greater than that for Auxiliary Finance Activities.

March 11, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Staff Costs – Construction Industry

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IT Managers in the Construction Industry represent 40% of the total IT staff costs.  Next in line are software staff absorbing one third of the costs.  User support personnel are the smallest grouping with 5%.

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