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December 19, 2016  9:54 PM

Typical IT & Telecom Budget – Medium Sized Advertising Firm

Kris Wicka Kris Wicka Profile: Kris Wicka
advertising, Hardware, Services, Software, staff, Telecom

Budget 40% Larger than UK Norm.

Medium sized advertising firm (100-999 employees) typically has an IT & telecom budget of over £1.5m.  This is 40% greater than the value for all medium sized organisations in the UK.  Staff is the largest budget component for medium advertising...

March 6, 2014  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Staff Spend – Professional & Technical Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
accountants, advertising, IT staff, market research

Medium sized management consultancies typically have an expenditure of £1.5m on IT and telecom staff.  They are the largest such spenders in the professional & technical industry segment followed closely by advertising companies.  The lowest outlay is by accountancy...

December 5, 2013  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Advertising Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
advertising, Turnover

Large advertising companies with 1000+ staff have an IT & telecom expenditure which is 2.4% of their turnover.  This is similar to the equivalent all UK organisation outlay.  For smaller sized enterprises the spend ratio is notably higher for advertising firms than the national...

September 23, 2013  1:00 AM

Hardware Spend – Professional & Technical Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
accountants, advertising, Hardware, market research

Professional & technical companies employing 50-99 staff typically spend £32k on hardware.  The largest outlay is by advertising firms with twice that amount.  Next are research & development organisations, each having an expenditure of over £50k.

July 29, 2013  1:00 AM

System Software Spend – Fastest Growing Industry Sectors

kwicka Profile: kwicka
advertising, growth, publishing, System software, telecommunications

Companies undertaking head office activities are expected to experience the fastest growth in system software spend during 2014.  The growth is projected to be 15%.  Close behind are gambling & betting firms followed by research & development organisations.

April 18, 2013  1:00 AM

Computer Services Spend – Professional & Technical Companies

Bill Goodwin Profile: Bill Goodwin
accountants, advertising, market research

Companies employing 100-999 staff in the professional & technical industry sectors, on average, spend £450k each on computer services.  By far the largest spending group are those organisations supporting head office activities.  Their norm is £2.5m per firm.  This is more than...

February 11, 2013  1:00 AM

Hardware Spend – Advertising Companies

Bill Goodwin Profile: Bill Goodwin

Advertising companies with over 1000 staff spend a comparable amount per employee on hardware as do all large UK organisations.  For smaller sized enterprises, hardware expenditure is much greater in advertising firms.  In the case of concerns with 10-99 staff, outlay is a factor of 4 to...

July 6, 2011  1:00 AM

Software Staff Pay – Advertising

kwicka Profile: kwicka
advertising, Business services, pay, salary, SME, SMEs

Software staff in Advertising companies are paid notably less than their counterparts in Business Services organisations overall.  In large firms (1000+ employees) the difference is over £5,000. 

85 - Software Staff Pay - Advertising.gif

March 18, 2011  1:00 AM

Telecom Services Spend – Advertising

kwicka Profile: kwicka

Advertising companies experienced declines of over 4% in their spend on telecom services in 2008 and 2009.  There was barely any growth in 2010 but a healthier expansion is due in 2011.  Over the same period, telecom services expenditure increases are notably greater for the UK as...

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