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October, 2016

October 29, 2016  5:11 PM

Electricity & Gas Suppliers – Huge Commitment to Application Packages

Kris Wicka Kris Wicka Profile: Kris Wicka
application, electricity, Gas, size, Software

Spend 10 Fold Greater than the Norm.

Electricity & gas supply companies are due to spend over £2,200 per employee on application software packages in 2016.  This is ten times greater than the UK average.  The medium and large utilities will each be having an outlay of some...

October 21, 2016  5:39 PM

Computer Services – Fastest Growing Component of Users’ IT & Telecom Budget

Kris Wicka Kris Wicka Profile: Kris Wicka
Hardware, Services, Software, staff, Telecom

Computer Services Spend to Rise by 28%.

Users' computer services spend is expected to increase by 28% between 2014 and 2019.  It is going to be the fastest growing UK IT & telecom budget component. By 2019 the total user outlay on computer services will be £37bn.  This...

October 16, 2016  10:42 PM

Motor Traders – One of the Top Hardware Spend Risers

Kris Wicka Kris Wicka Profile: Kris Wicka
Hardware, Motor, trade

Hardware Spend to Double.

Hardware spend per employee by motor trade companies is set to double from around £100 in 2008 to over £200 in 2019. Its progress undulates with troughs in recession hit 2009 as well as 2012 and 2017. For all UK enterprises there is a notable dip in...

October 7, 2016  2:08 PM

Information Services Companies’ IT & Telecom Spend Falling Behind Turnover

Kris Wicka Kris Wicka Profile: Kris Wicka
information, IT, Services, Telecom, Turnover

IT & Telecom Spend to Still Rise by 30%.

IT & telecom spend as a % of turnover is forecast to decline for information services companies.  Nevertheless, IT & telecom spend itself will increase by 30% between 2014 and 2019.  Over the same period, however, turnover...

October 2, 2016  8:37 PM

Sustained Rise in Telecom Services Spend by Gambling & Betting Companies

Kris Wicka Kris Wicka Profile: Kris Wicka
betting, gambling, Telecom

Telecom Spend Doubles.

Gambling & betting companies telecom spend per employee is set to double from £1,100 in 2008 to £2,200 in 2019.  The spend has been increasing year on year stoked by the drive in online gambling and betting.  This strongly contrasts the corresponding spend...

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