Computer Weekly Data Bank:

April, 2014

April 28, 2014  1:00 AM

Software Spend – Electricity & Gas Supply Companies

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Development tools, electricity, Gas, System software

Electricity & gas supply companies devote around £500m on external software.  The largest category is application packages with nearly 40% of the expenditure.  Next in line is custom software with a quarter of the spend closely followed by system software.

April 24, 2014  1:00 AM

Hardware Spend – Oil & Other Fuel Industries

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Fuel, oil

Hardware expenditure by oil & other fuel companies is in excess of £600 per employee.  That is twice the national norm.  Analysis by size of organisation reveals a much higher multiple for smaller organisations whilst for large enterprises there is almost parity.

April 17, 2014  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Distributive Trades Companies

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In the distributive trades sector, post & courier firms devote the largest proportion of their turnover to expenditure on IT & telecom.  At some 3% this is half as much again as the next tier consisting of water transport, land transport and transportation support...

April 14, 2014  1:00 AM

System Software Spend – Top Spending Industry Sectors

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Software, System software

Public administration organisations are the top spenders on system software with a commitment approaching £600m.  Next in line are telecommunication companies with an expenditure of over £400m.  Close behind are retailers with an outlay of £370m.

April 10, 2014  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Management Consultancy Firms

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Management consultancy firms commit almost 5% of their turnover to IT & telecoms spend.  The corresponding all UK value is 2%.  For larger management consultancies the proportion is over 8% whilst smaller concerns devote less than half that amount.

April 7, 2014  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Staff Spend – Manufacturing Companies

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IT staff, manufacturers, Manufacturing

Medium sized printing companies outspend all other similar sized manufacturing firms in their outlay on IT & telecom staff.  At almost £600k per enterprise it is a third greater than next placed beverages & tobacco manufacturers.  They in turn commit 8% more than electronic &...

April 3, 2014  1:00 AM

Telecom Services Spend – Travel Agents & Tour Operators

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Travel agents & tour operators spend £1,000 per employee on telecom services.  This is twice the UK norm.  Smaller travel business concerns outlay is around £1,400 which is twice the expenditure of corresponding large companies.

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