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September, 2013

September 30, 2013  4:46 PM

Why IT departments shouldn’t be responsible for cyber security

Bill Goodwin Profile: Bill Goodwin
e-crime, Hackers, Hacking, intellignence

A guest blog post from Malcolm Marshall, partner in KPMG's Information Protection and Business Resilience practice.

September 30, 2013  1:00 AM

Software Spend Growth – Creative, Arts & Entertainment Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
arts, creative, Development tools, Entertainment, System software

Creative, arts & entertainment companies are forecast to grow their software spend by 7% in 2014.  Development tools will be the fastest growing component at 11%.  Slowest advancement will be made with system software at 4%.

September 26, 2013  1:00 AM

Computer Services Spend – Repair & Installation of Machinery Firms

kwicka Profile: kwicka

Firms which provide repair and installation of machinery typically spend £800 per employee on computer services.  The all UK equivalent is £1,100.  Across sizes of organisation the outlay is higher for the UK overall except where 100-999 staff are employed. 

September 23, 2013  1:00 AM

Hardware Spend – Professional & Technical Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
accountants, advertising, Hardware, market research

Professional & technical companies employing 50-99 staff typically spend £32k on hardware.  The largest outlay is by advertising firms with twice that amount.  Next are research & development organisations, each having an expenditure of over £50k.

September 19, 2013  1:00 AM

Custom Software Spend – Buildings Construction Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka

Large buildings construction companies spend less on custom software per employee than smaller sized firms.  This strongly contrasts the pattern for all UK organisations where the large organisations are top spenders.

September 16, 2013  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Basic Metals Manufacturers

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Hardware, manufacture, Software, staff

Spend on IT & telecoms by basic metals manufacturers is dominated by computer services with over 60% of total expenditure.  The second largest budget component is IT & telecom staff with nearly a fifth of the outlay.  Only 10% is devoted to combination of hardware and...

September 12, 2013  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Spend – Technical Testing & Analysis Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka

Larger technical testing & analysis companies spend over 6% of their turnover on IT & telecom products and services.  For smaller concerns it is in the region of 3 to 4%.  In all cases it is substantially greater than the UK norm.

September 9, 2013  1:00 AM

System Software Spend – Auxiliary Financial & Insurance Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka
Financial, Insurance, Software, System software

For all auxiliary financial & insurance companies the spend on system software per employee is some £400.  This is 3 times that for all UK organisations.  The distribution by size of organisation varies from £500 for large auxiliary financial & insurance firms down to £200 for...

September 5, 2013  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Staff Spend – Top Spending Industry Sectors

kwicka Profile: kwicka
film, IT staff, radio, telecommunications, television

Large firms in the computer industry typically spend £180m each on IT & telecom staff.  The outlay for a large telecommunications company is £130m.  For an information services provider the sum invested is £70m.  Next in line are banking & finance institutions, each...

September 2, 2013  1:00 AM

Telecom Services Spend – Civil Engineering Companies

kwicka Profile: kwicka

Civil engineering companies typically spend £400 per employee on telecom services, falling well short of the all UK average of £600.  For organisations employing 1000+ staff civil engineers have half the outlay of the UK norm.  It is only the smallest concerns that exceed the national...

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