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July, 2011

July 29, 2011  1:00 AM

Telecom Services Spend – Finance Houses

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Finance, SME, SMEs

Finance Houses outspend the rest of Financial Services sector by a considerable amount for all sizes of organisations under 1000 staff.  Large concerns (1000+ employees) however spend similar amounts per employee.

July 28, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Spend Growth Lags GDP by a Quarter

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UK IT expenditure growth lags GDP by one quarter.  There has been a continuous strong relationship between the two since at least 1996 when KEW Associates first started tracking IT spend growth.  It provides a means of assessing future quarterly IT outlay.  The growths presented...

July 27, 2011  1:00 AM

IT & Telecom Engineers Pay – Electricity, Gas & Water Supply

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electricity, Gas, IT staff, pay, salary, utilities, Water

IT and telecom engineers at large Electricity, Gas & Water Supply companies (1000+ employees) earn 10% below the national average.  Earnings peaked in 2008 and are making a hesitant recovery.

July 26, 2011  1:00 AM

Computer Services Spend – Aerospace Manufacture

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Aerospace, manfacturers, manufacture, Manufacturing, SME, SMEs

Aerospace companies across all employee size bands spend more per head on computer services than all of Manufacturing.  It is most pronounced with large...

July 25, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Operation Pay – Real Estate

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Business services, IT operations, IT staff, pay, salary, SME, SMEs

Pay achieved by IT operations staff in Real Estate firms falls behind the rest of the Business Services sector by factors varying between 10 and 70% depending on size of organisation.  With the largest companies (1000+ employees) the differential is almost 20%.

July 22, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Strategy/Planning Staff Numbers – Motor Manufacture

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growth, IT staff, IT Strategy, manfacturers, manufacture, Manufacturing

Growth in the number of IT strategy and planning staff employed by Motor Manufacturers has been erratic rising to a high of 18% in 2008 and then slumping to -5% the following year.  It has been on a more even keel latterly matching more closely the norm for all Manufacturers.

July 21, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Hardware Spend – Public Administration

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Public Administration organisations with less than 1000 employees have hardware expenditure per employee which is less than the UK norm.  For large concerns (1000+ employees) there is parity with spend approaching £500 per staff member.

96 - IT...</p>
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July 20, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Managers Pay – Financial Services

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Banking, Banks, Finance, Insurance, IT staff, pay, salary

In Financial Services, IT managers in Finance Houses are paid the best.  Typically they earn £64,000.  Their counterparts in Insurance have the lowest pay, averaging £51,760.

95 - IT Managers - Gross Annual Pay - Financial Services.gif

July 19, 2011  1:00 AM

IT Spend as % Turnover – Electrical & Optical Manufacture

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manfacturers, manufacture, Manufacturing, SME, SMEs, Turnover

Large Electrical & Optical Manufacturers (1000+ employees) spend 6% of their turnover on IT.  This is three times the outlay by all large Manufacturers.  For the smaller sized concerns the factor is two.

94 - IT Expenditure as % Turnover -...</p>
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July 18, 2011  1:00 AM

Software Spend – Major Industry Sectors

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Business services, distribution, Public sector, telecoms

Financial Services sector spends well over £1.000 per employee on both external software and internal software staff.  This is substantially more than any other major industry sector where the outlay is under £500.  The lowest expenditure is on internal software staff by the Public...

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