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July 19, 2018  6:10 PM

The secret history behind the success of npm and Node

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

When JavaScript was first introduced, it was a programming toy that sort of worked, but worked differently across browsers. A few pioneers, though, saw the potential this language could have on the back-end as well, where it has transformed the application development landscape. We caught up...

July 17, 2018  6:52 PM

Get started with GoLang maps: A tutorial

WalkerRowe WalkerRowe Profile: WalkerRowe

An important part of programming with GoLang is working with maps. In this GoLang maps tutorial, we'll demonstrate the value of maps and show you how you can integrate them into...

July 1, 2018  5:29 PM

Surprise results stem from curious data analytics models

JasonTea Profile: JasonTea

Nobody can argue that data analytics models will change the world on a massive scale, as the solutions they produce have the capacity to impact millions of people on a daily basis. Data analytics models are all about the ability to find a hidden pattern or the desire to follow through on a...

June 17, 2018  12:30 AM

Aging successfully in technology: Addressing the graying elephant in the room

BobReselman BobReselman Profile: BobReselman

Consider this: the median age of a Google employee is 29. At Amazon, it’s 32. On an industry-wide scale, the average age for a software developer in the United States is...

June 15, 2018  10:51 PM

Introduction to Scala for enterprise Java developers

WalkerRowe WalkerRowe Profile: WalkerRowe

Here we begin a series of articles to look at Scala. Scala is a programming language that rides atop the Java virtual machine. In compiles to Java bytecode and can be...

May 1, 2018  2:27 PM

Fix SunCertPathBuilderException Jenkins plugin download error

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

As I continue to publish Maven, Git...

March 9, 2018  1:38 AM

Acts of discrimination lets gender inequality in technology go unresolved

Daisy.McCarty Profile: Daisy.McCarty

Coming up in tech over the past few decades wasn't easy. A successful entrepreneur told me a story of how she landed her first tech job as a sales rep for a telecom agency. This was in the early days of deregulation, long before gender inequality in technology was an issue organizations were...

February 27, 2018  11:27 PM

Re-introducing Jakarta EE: Eclipse takes Java EE back to its roots

DarrylTaft Profile: DarrylTaft

The Eclipse Foundation has chosen Jakarta EE as the new name for the technology formerly known as Java EE. Last September, the Eclipse Foundation announced that Oracle would hand over...

January 30, 2018  11:21 PM

Developers, learn from the iPhone battery glitch

MarkSpritzler Profile: MarkSpritzler

Apple is forcing all of its older iPhone and iPad users to buy new devices by throttling their batteries as they get older. Countries that perceive this as unsavoury forced obsolescence have demanded Apple executives explain themselves. Class action lawsuits...

January 6, 2018  12:29 AM

Requirements management and software integration: Why one can’t live without the other

RebeccaDobbin Profile: RebeccaDobbin

With the complexity of products being built today, no one person can understand all the pieces. Yet everyone involved is still responsible for ensuring their work is compatible with co-workers and aligns with the company’s strategy. The only way to keep everyone moving toward the same goal is to...

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