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July 18, 2019  3:21 PM

How to become a good Java programmer without a degree

JohnSelawsky Profile: JohnSelawsky

The road to master java is a long and thorny one. But over my years as a coder, I've picked up a hint or two. But how to become a good Java programmer isn't a question with a simple answer? You don't need any formal training. You don't need to sit in a classroom and earn a diploma. And you can...

June 13, 2019  3:35 PM

How to troubleshoot a JVM OutOfMemoryError problem

RamLakshmanann Profile: RamLakshmanann

There aren't any magical tools that will fix an OutOfMemoryError for you, but there are some options available that will help automate your ability to troubleshoot and identify the root cause. Follow these three steps to deal with this

June 10, 2019  3:31 PM

How to deal with a remote code execution vulnerability

JudithMyerson Profile: JudithMyerson

Visual Studio Code is a free source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Max OS and Linux. On February 12, 2019 Symantec Security Center found a serious remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2019-0728) in MS Visual Studio Code. This vulnerability ties into another one back in June of...

April 23, 2019  8:34 PM

Top 5 software development best practices you need to know

DmitryReshetchenko Profile: DmitryReshetchenko

Software is everywhere, but the process to create a new software product can be complicated and challenging. That's why software development best practices are important and can help reduce costs and speed up processes. Without goals, a software project doesn't have direction. Projects should...

February 20, 2019  4:35 PM

Here’s how to get by without Concurrent Mark Sweep

RamLakshmanann Profile: RamLakshmanann

As part of JEP-291, the popular Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collection algorithm has been deprecated by Java Development Kit 9. This decision was made to both reduce the maintenance burden of garbage collection (GC) code and to accelerate new development. As a result, if you launch an...

January 31, 2019  7:49 PM

Compare, contrast your image recognition tool options

YanaYel1na Profile: YanaYel1na

If you've been presented with an opportunity to work with machine learning tools with advanced image recognition functionality, you'd be wise not to pass it up, even if you’re new to this technology. An array of high-profile tech giants have developed their image recognition tools for developer...

November 1, 2018  10:09 PM

To the brave new world of reactive systems and back

Uladzimir Profile: Uladzimir

Reactivity is surely an important topic, though I believe we've spent too much time talking about reactive programming, while only briefly...

November 1, 2018  9:37 PM

How to choose the right virtual reality development engine

charlesdearing Profile: charlesdearing

The promise of virtual 3D worlds has captivated programmers for decades. Virtual reality (VR), once a faraway fiction, is becoming a reality. Failures like Nintendo’s infamous Virtual Boy are now a distant memory, and major...

November 1, 2018  11:08 AM

Ballerina language promises to improve app integration

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

The Ballerina language is new to the programming world. It promises to streamline integration development for enterprise apps. It supports...

August 16, 2018  12:16 AM

Cloudfare puts early mobile network performance in the hands of devs

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

Application developers can draw on a number of static code analytics tools such as Checkstyle, PMD and SonarQube to identify various application issues and bugs. But these tend to focus on...

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