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January 10, 2019  5:48 PM

Why developers don’t stay in management for IT career change

BobReselman BobReselman Profile: BobReselman

There’s a saying in the life insurance industry that goes like this: "The minute you become successful your first inclination is to stop doing all the things that made you successful. You stop making the phone calls, you stop scheduling the sit downs." This dynamic isn't confined...

January 9, 2019  7:59 PM

How your team will benefit when you hire a full stack developer

charlesdearing Profile: charlesdearing

Full stack developers are some of the best developers on the market. They understand every layer of software from the back-end to the front-end. Full stack developers have a hand in every development stage, from database implementation to the finishing touches on front-end layout. Great full...

January 6, 2019  8:27 PM

How Atomist’s Rod Johnson works with pull requests

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

Pull requests play an important role in any large software development project. They facilitate efficient code review, reduce bugs, track progress, and help coordinate a shared understanding of large code bases. Some type of pull request mechanism is built into every...

January 1, 2019  3:16 PM

How to use Java’s functional Consumer interface example

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

Quite often a Java Stream or other component needs an object passed to it in order to perform some type of calculation or process, but when the process is complete, nothing gets returned from the method. This is where Java's functional Consumer interface comes in handy. According to the JavaDoc,...

December 13, 2018  1:30 PM

Learn Java lambda syntax quickly with these examples

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

For those who are new to functional programming, basic Java lambda syntax can be a bit intimidating at first. Once you break

December 1, 2018  11:33 PM

What is a lambda expression and from where did the term ‘lambda’ elute?

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

Due to various language constraints, lambda expressions had, until recently, never made it into the Java language. The concept had long been baked into other languages, such as Groovy and

November 30, 2018  5:21 PM

DeepCode and AI tools poised to revolutionize static code analysis

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

Developers use static analysis tools to identify problems in their code sooner in the development lifecycle. However, the overall architecture of these tools has only changed incrementally with the addition of...

November 21, 2018  12:01 AM

Continuous integration benefits: Why adopting a CI/CD tool like Jenkins makes sense

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

At a recent Java meetup in downtown Toronto, a few old-school Java EE developers assembled in a birds of a feather session discussing current DevOps trends. A big part of the discussion centered around...

November 2, 2018  8:13 PM

Just git reset and push when you need to undo previous local commits

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

I published an article recently on how to perform a hard git reset, but one of the questions that I was repeatedly asked on social media was what happens after you do a hard git reset on local commits and then publish the changes to your remote GitHub or GitLab repository? When you do a...

November 1, 2018  3:08 PM

How to learn software development tools faster

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

The rapid pace of innovation in app development tools means developers have a much richer toolbox for writing better code. It also demands a much faster...

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