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May 1, 2019  4:45 PM

How not to write a Git commit message

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

I'm working on an article that outlines how to write a good Git commit message, along with a variety of Git commit message conventions and rules that developers should follow. But, as I write about the best practices developers should follow, I constantly find myself in an internal discussion of...

May 1, 2019  1:45 PM

An example of UnaryOperator in functional Lambda expressions

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

The implementation of Java 8 Lambda expressions required an introduction to a number of new interfaces with esoteric names that can be somewhat intimidating to developers without any experience in functional programming. One such area is the functional UnaryOperator interface. It may be...

April 25, 2019  2:34 PM

How to write a screen scraper application with HtmlUnit

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

I recently published an article on screen scraping with Java, and a few Twitter followers pondered why I used JSoup instead of the popular, browser-less web testing framework HtmlUnit. I...

March 26, 2019  8:38 PM

How to learn new technology in a corporate environment

BobReselman BobReselman Profile: BobReselman

Here’s how it usually goes when it comes to technical training in a corporate environment. A company decides to implement a new technology. The powers-that-be look around to determine if the IT staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt the technology in question. If the determination...

March 18, 2019  3:31 PM

How Instacart works around buggy Elasticsearch queries

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

Enterprises that use Elasticsearch to find dynamic information in other apps are struggling to identify errant code that stalls enterprise apps. In theory, application performance monitoring tools should help. But, it wasn't enough for Instacart to identify the queries that consistently created...

February 28, 2019  12:17 AM

A simple Java Supplier interface example for those new to functional programming

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

There are only half a dozen classes you really need to master to become competent in the world of functional programming. The java.util.function package contains well over 40 different components, but if you can garner a good understanding of consumers, predicates, functions, unary types...

February 19, 2019  5:55 PM

A simple Java Function interface example: Learn Functional programming fast

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

If you want to master functional programming, the best place to start is with the Java Function interface. This example will show you four different ways to implement this functional interface in your code -- starting with how to use an actual class, and how to create very concise code with a...

February 13, 2019  5:37 PM

Don’t struggle to learn new programming languages

George Lawton Profile: George Lawton

Modern applications developers are often tasked to learn new programming languages and patterns to improve their skills. The classic do-it-yourself approach with books or tutorial videos is great, but it still requires the developer to set up a programming environment to out that newfound knowledge...

February 4, 2019  7:29 PM

A quick look at inferred types and the Java var keyword

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

The biggest language change packaged with the Java 10 release, aka JDK 18.3, was the introduction of the inferred type. This addition, combined with the ability to use the long...

January 31, 2019  7:08 PM

Step-by-step guide: How to install Git on Windows desktop computers

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

As distributed version control systems continue to supplant centralized systems like Subversion and CVS, more and more developers have made the move toward SaaS-based version control platforms such as GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. Of course, these are all Git based systems, which means developers...

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