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July, 2019

July 18, 2019  3:21 PM

How to become a good Java programmer without a degree

JohnSelawsky Profile: JohnSelawsky

The road to master java is a long and thorny one. But over my years as a coder, I've picked up a hint or two. But how to become a good Java programmer isn't a question with a simple answer? You don't need any formal training. You don't need to sit in a classroom and earn a diploma. And you can...

July 16, 2019  8:15 PM

Fix JAVA_HOME errors quickly | Invalid directory | Not set or defined | Points to JRE

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

There's nothing worse than installing your favorite Java-based application -- such as Minecraft, Maven, Jenkins or Apache Pig -- only to run into a JAVA_HOME is set to an invalid...

July 9, 2019  7:16 PM

The future of front-end software development in a post GUI world

BobReselman BobReselman Profile: BobReselman

By the year 2025, Google predicts that the number of IoT and Smart Devices in operation will exceed that of non-IoT devices. Statista also predicts a similar growth pattern, in which the proliferation of IoT devices will be three times more than today’s usage. Any way you slice it, the...

July 1, 2019  1:57 PM

Don’t let RabbitMQ vulnerabilities expose your CI pipelines

JudithMyerson Profile: JudithMyerson

RabbitMQ is an open source message broker that exchanges asynchronous messages between publishers and consumers. The messages can be a human-readable JSON, a simple string or a list of values that can be converted into a JSON string. In March of 2019, the

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