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March, 2017

March 29, 2017  1:08 AM

One does not simply ‘stop calling’ Java’s deprecated methods

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

They're deprecating finalize. That's a pretty drastic move. Finalize is defined right there in the Object class, right at the top of the Java hierarchy, more exposed than a public variable. But the semantics of the finalize method are tied to

March 27, 2017  2:03 PM

Agile and DevOps aren’t two magical unicorns of software development

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

There’s a listicle over at the TechRepublic entitled Top 10 challenges to DevOps implementation (linked below). So what are the challenges? They list off the standard things such as culture and skillsets, planning and tool. I’d be criticizing the daftness of the list if it wasn’t...

March 27, 2017  1:25 PM

Are you a Hadoop pro?

GeorgeBailey Profile: GeorgeBailey

Through this Big Data Hadoop quiz, you will be able to revise your Hadoop concepts and check your Big Data knowledge to provide you confidence while appearing for Hadoop interviews to land your dream Big Data jobs in India and abroad. You will also learn the Big data concepts in depth through...

March 22, 2017  7:28 PM

Java EE makes best-of-breed software conglomerations a thing of the past

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

Two personal incidents occurred last week which reminded me a little bit about a comment Adam Bien had made to me at JavaOne about choosing the right technology, be it a vendor stack of a best-of-breed...

March 13, 2017  5:07 PM

IoT developers face critical questions when digitally transforming cities

news Profile: news

Digitally transformed smart cities are the wave of the future, there’s no doubt about that. But the road to a more connected municipality is far from clear. Although there are some common challenges in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., no two cities have the same infrastructure,...

March 10, 2017  11:01 PM

Machine learning and big data experts gather at the Dallas Data Science Association Conference

Daisy.McCarty Profile: Daisy.McCarty

For the second year in a row, a crowd of students, corporate data scientists, academicians, and entrepreneurs gathered in Dallas to explore the world of machine learning and data science. The theme of “Technology. Innovation. Career.” was carried throughout the...

March 5, 2017  3:59 PM

7 tips and tricks we learned from the Java community

OverOps Profile: OverOps

Starting a new project can be challenging. Sometimes it requires you to learn about new fields, do extensive research and try to find the best solution there is. This doesn’t apply just for new coding...

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