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January, 2017

January 26, 2017  5:04 PM

IoT entrepreneurship on display at North Texas hackathon

news Profile: news

At Collide Village in Addison, more than a hundred participants including developers, students, investors, partners, mentors, and entrepreneurs have gathered for an event spanning two...

January 24, 2017  11:47 PM

Best books to become a Scala expert

AadishYadav Profile: AadishYadav

Scala is now the language of Big Data and has been the most popular language that is supposed to be the only one that could replace Java. It has several new features along with Java features that make it so popular currently to start learning for. To start learning Scala, in this scala tutorial...

January 24, 2017  11:46 PM

How big data is conserving our ecosystem?

MaliniShukla Profile: MaliniShukla

Big data is on the boom these days as it has been helping every field to improve the services and manage things in a better manner.  Conservation of nature is one of the important area where Big Data has come up as “Gift Of GOD” in saving the wildlife. Let us see few of the projects for...

January 21, 2017  4:24 AM

In the world of DevOps, maneuverability is more important than speed

glawton Profile: glawton

The hype around DevOps can make it sound like the real value comes from faster time to deployment. But this misses the real benefit around maneuverability, argued Michael...

January 16, 2017  3:38 PM

IoT platforms – Characteristics, technical Challenges and security

jaibeermalik Profile: jaibeermalik

This is series of posts on building IOT platform. It covers typical characteristics of IOT platform, the technical challenges in building such a platform and different security...

January 16, 2017  3:37 PM

Five code review tricks the experts use

OverOps Profile: OverOps

One of the work methods you’ll find in a growing number of companies are code reviews. While some might not like the idea of co-workers going through their code, others embrace it as a way to grow, learn...

January 16, 2017  3:36 PM

Fault Tolerance – The most important feature of HDFS

AadishYadav Profile: AadishYadav

It handles faults by the process of replica creation. The replica of users data is created on different machines in the HDFS cluster. So whenever if any machine in the cluster goes down, then data can be accessed from other machine in which same copy of data was created. HDFS also maintains the...

January 9, 2017  3:33 PM

Looking ahead for 2017: Java, Containers, microservices, ALM and more

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

Each year at TheServerSide we map out at the beginning of the year, looking ahead at what the hot topics of the year are going to be, a list of topics upon which we will focus on from month to month. It's a dynamic list, and by no means does a monthly theme indicate an exclusive focus for TSS on a...

January 4, 2017  4:47 PM

Java 9, Docker and Big Data: What are your New Year resolutions?

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

For the most part, a New Year's resolution is a commitment to do something that, assuming you were an upstanding person, you should already doing. People commit to losing weight because they shouldn't have got fat in the first place. People commit to quit smoking because smoking is a bad habit they...

January 4, 2017  4:39 PM

If you’ve written Java in 2016, here are the trends you couldn’t have missed

OverOps Profile: OverOps

There are a lot of trending topics when it comes to code, and trying to keep up with everything that’s going on is a full time job on its own. If you’re wondering how to separate the wheat from the...

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