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September, 2016

September 21, 2016  4:43 PM

Transitioning Java EE to the cloud now more of a priority than ever

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

Enterprise Java was a topic of intense focus during the opening keynote at the JavaOne 2016 conference this year. As expected, Oracle had many proposals for how the EE platform can be made more effective, accessible, and useful for today’s businesses and the development teams that support them....

September 21, 2016  3:16 AM

Docker soon to have the Java platform contained

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz

The JavaOne keynotes are always a time for cheerleading and a little self-indulgent praise. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, that’s one of the reasons why people attend the conference, not only to look towards the future, but to celebrate the platform that for the most part, is a great...

September 21, 2016  12:37 AM

JavaOne 2016: What’s driving digital transformation?

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford
Digital transformation

Looking for a Oracle OpenWorld/JavaOne session schedule on paper? Of course you aren’t.  All of us at JavaOne 2016 in San Francisco are accessing conference info on digital devices. “That’s what is driving

September 20, 2016  2:47 PM

From Jenkins World to JavaOne, Docker and container technology pervades

cameronmcnz Cameron McKenzie Profile: cameronmcnz
Container, Docker

It was a lot of fun covering Jenkins World last week, the DevOps and continuous integration conference that is making a habit out of taking place a week before the big OracleWorld conference that is taking place this week in San Francisco.  And while Jenkins World...

September 16, 2016  12:33 AM

Mobile pushes CI innovation with Jenkins and Gradle tools

news Profile: news

For many years, mobile was at the forefront of innovation in the software field. The smart device revolution posed many complex problems for the development community to solve, from connectivity to back-end integration and resource usage. Today, many of the most pressing challenges have been...

September 16, 2016  12:30 AM

Jenkins, DevOps, Microservices and Containers: Preparing developers for tomorrow’s technologies

news Profile: news

In an era when technology is changing at lightning speed, it’s hard for mere mortals to keep up. This is as true for software developers as for anyone else. Programmers who graduated from university just a few years ago are likely to find that the ground has shifted under their feet and much of...

September 16, 2016  12:20 AM

JUnit vs TestNG – Which testing framework should you choose?

hennidan Profile: hennidan

Testing is an inseparable part of the software release cycle in well balanced developer teams. And it wasn’t always like that. Unit tests, integration test, system tests and others weren’t always around....

September 16, 2016  12:19 AM

The complete guide to instrumentation: How to measure everything

hennidan Profile: hennidan

The hard work never ends, and even after we’ve shipped our application to the anticipating users, there’s still a lot to do. Now we need to see how our application handles the real world, and make sure...

September 16, 2016  12:18 AM

Memory analysis – How to obtain Java heap dump?

sivajanapati Profile: sivajanapati

In this article we will see how to obtain the Java Heap Dump to troubleshoot the memory issues like memory leak and high usage of memory. There are different options available to obtain the Heap Dump. The options will vary based on the JVM vendors. In this article I used Oracle JDK8.

September 7, 2016  2:27 AM

What’s new in Docker? The top 5 features you should know

hennidan Profile: hennidan

Docker version 1.12 is out, along with some updates that came during the past few weeks. The version name might imply that this update includes just a few new features, but going through the release notes...

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