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July 12, 2018  8:37 PM

Google needs to win enterprise confidence at cloud conference

Trevor Jones Trevor Jones Profile: Trevor Jones

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has become a more robust and reliable public cloud in recent years but still has nowhere near the enterprise mindshare afforded to fellow hyperscale platforms AWS and Microsoft Azure. Google's Cloud Next conference later this month, only the second large-scale cloud...

June 21, 2018  8:35 PM

Edge devices’ compute demands complicate cloud IoT choices

Trevor Jones Trevor Jones Profile: Trevor Jones

Cloud vendors want companies to use their platforms for the full scope of their IoT deployments, but that might not be their best choice. As edge computing emerges as part of IoT deployments, users must decide not only how often to send data to the cloud, but

June 6, 2018  8:19 PM

JEDI cloud contract looms large for customers, providers

Trevor Jones Trevor Jones Profile: Trevor Jones

Public sector IT and private sector IT can be very different animals, but a looming decision by the Department of Defense has the potential to send shock waves through both sides of the IT world. The Department of Defense is preparing to accept bids for a potential 10-year, $10 billion Joint...

February 22, 2018  5:44 PM

Cloud-centric IBM patents promise payoff

Darryl Taft Profile: Darryl Taft

IBM plans to sow its latest crop of U.S. patents with a strong cloud emphasis, and prepare a feast for its hungry customers. A substantial number of IBM patents for 2017 -- more than 1900 out of 9043 total patents -- were for cloud technologies, the company disclosed last month. Those numbers...

January 29, 2018  3:42 PM

Prepare for these cloud computing technologies in 2018

Kathleen Casey Kathleen Casey Profile: Kathleen Casey

It seems that every year, a new set of cloud computing technologies emerge and shake up the enterprise market. Containers and serverless were buzzworthy in 2017, but what other new trends will this year bring? AI is expected to be a hot topic, as organizations look to gain more business value...

January 26, 2018  2:49 PM

Cloud conferences to check out in the first half of 2018

Kathleen Casey Kathleen Casey Profile: Kathleen Casey

As cloud adoption grows, IT professionals with relevant experience are in high demand. Cloud conferences and events are the perfect place to build your skill sets, meet industry leaders and expand your business network. Whether you're just starting out in cloud, or are a seasoned pro, there's an...

November 10, 2017  3:07 PM

Three pieces of advice to master disaster recovery in the cloud

Kathleen Casey Kathleen Casey Profile: Kathleen Casey

With so many natural disasters in the news this year, many enterprises have thought about their approach to disaster recovery -- and whether their plan is foolproof. The cloud provides many benefits for disaster recovery (

September 22, 2017  8:13 PM

In cloud migration services, what’s old is new again

Trevor Jones Trevor Jones Profile: Trevor Jones

Despite all the promise that the cloud will usher in the next wave of technical innovations, a very traditional distribution model has taken a central role for cloud providers. With IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration, Big Blue is the latest large-scale vendor to lean on shipping companies to help get...

May 8, 2017  2:39 PM

A customer success story, with a twist

James Montgomery Profile: James Montgomery

One packed session at last week's Red Hat Summit in Boston was a case study on an internally built integration of Ansible with Red Hat CloudForms, to orchestrate a hybrid cloud environment with VMware and AWS. Ansible is an especially useful tool to deploy Puppet agents into the environment, noted...

March 20, 2017  2:48 PM

Awareness of shared-responsibility model is critical to cloud success

Trevor Jones Trevor Jones Profile: Trevor Jones

When companies move to the cloud, it's paramount that they know where the provider's security role ends and where the customer's begins. The shared-responsibility model is one of the fundamental underpinnings of a successful public cloud deployment. It requires vigilance by the cloud provider...

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