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May, 2011

May 18, 2011  3:23 PM

Cloud outage roundup!

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

It's been a rough patch for cloud computing in the "perceptions of reliability" department. Gremlins working overtime caused EBS to fail at...

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May 6, 2011  7:42 PM

Did cloud computing help catch Osama bin Laden?

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

Now that we've gotten the link bait headline out of the way, let me say first that cloud computing is in no way to be considered anywhere near as important to the death of Osama bin Laden as the...

May 4, 2011  8:26 PM

Why HP wants the whole cloud stack

JoMaitland Jo Maitland Profile: JoMaitland

HP's clumsy cloud leak this week sheds a little bit more light on the printer giant's cloud computing plans, but the details signal a much bigger trend. The major IT players feel they must own the whole cloud stack. Why? According to

May 3, 2011  11:30 PM

HP exec leaks cloud plans; VMware in, Microsoft out?

JoMaitland Jo Maitland Profile: JoMaitland

HP will most likely base its cloud Platform as a Service offering on VMware's CloudFoundry, according to plans leaked by an HP exec. Surprisingly, there was no mention of support for Microsoft Azure, possibly because Microsoft is still working out the spec for reselling this...

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