From Silos to Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise:

June, 2014

June 12, 2014  11:15 PM

Why Companies Open-Source Their Technologies

Brian Gracely Brian Gracely Profile: Brian Gracely

There was quite a bit of buzz today with the announcement that Tesla Motors would release their patents to the world.The automaker, and it's CEO (Elon Musk), that have become the envy of the automotive industry is giving...

June 12, 2014  9:13 PM

The Shortsightedness of “Bro Culture” Criticism

Brian Gracely Brian Gracely Profile: Brian Gracely
Women in Technology

It's the dog days of summer, so things are a little quiet in the Cloud Computing world. Spring trade-show season is done, school is out, people are taking vacations, and this one post is slightly off the topic of Cloud Computing. But in another 3-5 years we will just go back to calling it...

June 7, 2014  12:39 PM

Not All Modern Companies Operate Like NetFlix

Brian Gracely Brian Gracely Profile: Brian Gracely
AWS, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Hadoop, Mainframe, Netflix, Open source, PaaS

If you've been around the Cloud Computing industry long enough, you know the joke about how it's not a real Cloud Computing conference if Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco; former architect at Netflix, now VC at Battery Ventures) isn't giving a keynote. It's a...

June 7, 2014  10:47 AM

Managing Conflicts between Personal and Professional Activities

Brian Gracely Brian Gracely Profile: Brian Gracely

This post is going to be a little bit off-topic (not Cloud Computing centric), but since this post, I've seen quite a bit of discussion by people trying to figure out some...

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