Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy:

Mobile & Enterprise Application Development

October 28, 2015  8:30 PM

The value of Big Data is big. Really big. IBM says so.

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Big Data, Mobile & Enterprise Application Development

Visit any of the TechTarget family of websites or e-publications and Big Data is everywhere. It's unavoidable. Inescapable. IT isn't about applications, it's about the data. Think of all the things we do with big data: collect, validate, authenticate, store, de-dupe, access, secure, encrypt, back...

September 14, 2015  8:17 AM

What is a software engineer? Not even IBM knows

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Cloud Applications, Mobile & Enterprise Application Development, Software engineering

We're all aware that as cloud applications grow in importance, businesses are clamoring to hire more software engineers. They might work in mobile application development, database design and administration, security, communications, analytics, or somewhere else. While most businesses...

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