Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy:

May 11, 2017  2:45 PM

Making error fixes after deploying cloud applications

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford

Cloud deployments of software often pose the most ticklish error detection and repair problems. Customers are constantly using a cloud app developer’s products, at all times of day and night and across geographies. Meanwhile, it’s a safe bet that something in those releases will be breaking,...

January 19, 2017  5:05 PM

Why to use APIs, explained in 18 words

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Whether you read my site, SearchCloudApplications, another of the TechTarget family of websites, or any of the seemingly trillions of sites that write about application-development technology, three items stand atop the heap of coverage:...

September 7, 2016  3:39 PM

Hit the road, jack

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

It's official. I've just returned from watching Apple announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And yes, the headphone jack is gone. This is a family-friendly blog, so, I won't say what I'm really thinking about that change. There is news for developers, however. And that news is good. While the...

August 18, 2016  9:00 AM

Ransomware is reaching for new targets. Protect thyself.

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

No doubt you've read news stories about individual consumers, police departments, and now even hospitals having their computers and data victimized by ransomware , an exploit in which the attacker "kidnaps" and encrypts the victim's data, demanding payment for the decryption key. As a developer, is...

May 9, 2016  3:34 PM

Do APIs need a ‘do unto others’ golden rule?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Ride-hailing service Uber is in an über-snit about how a handful of Harvard Business School students are using its developer API in a price-comparison mobile...

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April 22, 2016  10:05 AM

Do you love the cloud, but for the wrong reason?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Just a few days ago, In advance of a Gartner conference that's slated for Sydney, Australia in May, Gartner research director Michael Warrilow, who is based in Australia, made a...

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April 6, 2016  5:00 PM

Could the Internet of Things morph into the Abandonment of Things?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Chrysler killed off Plymouth. GM did it to Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Ford did it to Mercury. Microsoft even did it to Windows XP. Yet today, years after the demise of these products, they all continue to run. For the vehicles, parts remain available and dealers are happy to perform maintenance and...

November 13, 2015  4:11 PM

Oracle shows new cloud attitude at OOW 2015

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford

Looking back at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, all one can see is clouds. “Cloud, cloud, cloud” was the conference summation by 451 Research analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe. The interesting thing about the cloud theme, he added, was that no one, not even Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, was saying “jump on...

September 30, 2015  9:34 AM

Should you ponder the ethics of cloud apps you create?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Let's do some supposin'. Suppose you work for a giant, global manufacturer. The company might make air conditioners. Or diesel-powered cars. Suppose you're given detailed specifications for an embedded software project that disguises the operating status of a product being designed. Suppose the...

September 23, 2015  2:00 PM

What not to do in the cloud — “Cloud Anti-Patterns”

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Sometimes the best ideas start with a rant. At least that’s what happened to Mallika Iyer, a Cloud Foundry specialist at Pivotal who helps clients either start or expand their cloud efforts. After a particularly frustrating day, Iyer was complaining to...

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