Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy:

May, 2017

May 30, 2017  3:58 PM

12 mobile application tips — and developers aren’t good at any of them

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Interface design, mobile app development, User experience

Designed by engineers, comprehensible only by engineers. You've no doubt heard some variation of that old maxim. Let an engineer design a software or hardware product, and the average person will have a tough time figuring out how to use it, because the user interface is arcane, convoluted,...

May 16, 2017  3:14 PM

Forget the cloud. NASA wants your coding skills for outer space.

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application modernization, FORTRAN, Legacy applications, Legacy software

NASA. Remember NASA? It's the once-glorious government agency that put men on the moon, the agency whose Voyager I space probe left our solar system in 2013 for parts unknown, the agency that, in the immortal words of John F. Kennedy, did things not because they were easy, but because they were...

May 11, 2017  2:45 PM

Making error fixes after deploying cloud applications

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford

Cloud deployments of software often pose the most ticklish error detection and repair problems. Customers are constantly using a cloud app developer’s products, at all times of day and night and across geographies. Meanwhile, it’s a safe bet that something in those releases will be breaking,...

May 5, 2017  8:30 AM

Red Hat OpenShift.io puts the entirety of app development into your browser

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application development, containers, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The Red Hat Summit in Boston this week drew more than 5,000 developers, according to Paul Cormier, president of Red Hat's products and technologies business. That's impressive for a major software company that literally started out as a flea-market operation. "It's so much fun to watch this all...

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