Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy:

May, 2016

May 24, 2016  10:57 AM

‘SAPple’ — Made from the best stuff on earth?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Apple iOS, Application development, Mobile Application Development, SAP, SAP Fiori, SAP HANA

SAP and Apple. Apple and SAP. A good partnership offers benefits to each party. And that's exactly what's happening here. Let's not forget the key third party not mentioned -- cloud applications developers. For developers everywhere, there's a lot to like. SAP gets a lot from this union,...

May 9, 2016  3:34 PM

Do APIs need a ‘do unto others’ golden rule?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Ride-hailing service Uber is in an ├╝ber-snit about how a handful of Harvard Business School students are using its developer API in a price-comparison mobile...

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May 2, 2016  9:26 AM

No-code, low-code tools are here to stay. Deal with it.

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application development, Development tools

Like it or not, no-code and low-code (I dub thee NCLC) application-development tools that allow line-of-business departments to navigate around IT's army of highly trained, expert analysts and coders are not going away. It's time to face reality. According to a brand new study published today...

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